Vega's Super


Can someone explain to me how it works? I’ll be blocking against the wall and then half my life is taken.

Is there a way to deal with this as Chun, specifically?

Thanks in advance.


It works exactly the same as a regular wall dive, except if he grabs you, he goes into the super animation. His super meter will only get used up if he lands the super grab, same rules with Gief and Hawk’s supers. Kinda dumb, but whatever.

So it seems like the reason it’s working on you is because you’re letting him grab you.

As Chun, your best option is to counter the wall dive as best you can. Since she has a lot of attacks in the air, many Chuns simply use different air attacks to disrupt his spacing and timing, allowing you to counter it. nj.jab, nj.fierce, j.short, nj.short, all these things work pretty well. Depending on where he attacks, you can also use st.roundhouse and upkicks to beat it out, but a good Claw knows how to bait and counter these options.

Remember, if you’re knocked down, he can’t grab you immediately the second you wakeup, same rule applies to his super. He has to wait a few frames after you get up before he can grab.


Thanks! Specifically, I tend to turtle in the corner so he can’t hit my back well, which is when I learned he can just Super me. Should I stay in the air in the corner since she has options in the air? If so, if I believe he’s going for super, which of her airs work best in the corner for that, specifically?

Thanks again as usual, pal.


Turtling in the corner isn’t really an effective strategy with Chun. You want to stay active in the fight, and not keep yourself as a stationary target. It only makes it easier for him to poke you on the ground, and land walldives on you in the air.

All the jump air options I listed should work, but I don’t think you should be turtling that heavily.


Really? He shreds my back when I don’t corner up, and my jumping light kick at least clashes with most stuff…I’ll try being more aggressive.


A big key is to not let him go behind you for the wall dive as long as you’re standing. It’s pretty important to be able to react to him doing random wall dives into your corner, and hit him with a nj.fierce or j.forward or anything really.

Once you take that away from him, fighting him in the neutral starts to become a lot more fair. And if he decides to go off his OWN wall for a wall dive, it makes his attack angles fairly predictable, and you’ll have the option to jump forward attack, neutral jump attack, jump back attack, walk forward and use a grounded anti-air, etc… Lots more options to play with as opposed to you being forced to guess on wakeup.

It’s not really a matter of being aggressive or passive, but a good mixture of both. You’ve got to pick and choose your spots very carefully and quickly.


I think I get it. Good insight into the matchup!