Vega's Supers full hit and crossup

Ok, we all know it’s kind of useless, but while i was training to practice the super/ultra motion, i noticed how sometimes vega would do a 3 hit super or a 4 hit super. scouring the forums, many didn’t know how to get the 4 hit to all connect. i figured that you have to start claw attack super early because the final hit takes a while to come out. I don’t know how useful this info is because most people would just use the grab version instead. i also found out that his final hit will cross up if you threw yourself to the opponent hard enough. hope this helps. this might be documented before, but i couldn’t find it…
i’m practicing on the pc since i don’t have a console, so i don’t know if this is true for SSF4, but it should be the same anyway.

it is not useless,you can use it on your opponent’s wakeup.for the kind of damage that it does right now,its pretty good i’d say.

although i must say that what you said is pretty cool,could you please expound a bit more?like say,whom did you try the “last hit crossup” on?

ok, i tried with seth, zangief, ryu, and blanka. it works on all of them. after a few tests, i noticed to cross up, you have to build a lot of momentum, e.g. start from the far end of the screen. it’ll work midscreen, but it’ll be harder to cross up. i found that it’s also easier if vega leaps from the lower part of the wall, and i heard that maybe in SSF4, he can do that with the light kick version of his super? another interesting point is that if done right, no just the last hit will cross up, but also any one of those hit’s can cross up, which means it’s impossible to block.
on another note, the super works well on super spammy lariat happy zangiefs. i know they will always lariat when they see the super, and the super hit’s him clean.
btw, super does 70 chip damage. full hit does 280. this if for the PC version, which means SF4!!! so i don’t know how much this super will do in SSF4

Super does more damage so the chip should be higher as well. Nice info tho, sometimes it is more fun to go for the chip to kill someone with that final slash :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I would bother going for 280 damage for a super when in SSF4, Vega’s super izuna got a huge buff on the last drop and now does 500 damage.

The super grab does a solid 400 points of damage whereas the 4 hit version does 280. The throw version is much easier to land but I always go for the four hit because I find it looks a lot cooler. I know it hits overhead but I never considered the crossup aspect of it. It’s also true that the fourth hit is hard to land and yes you do have to do it quite early. The overall chip damage from the four strikes is close to a rolling crystal flash (fierce version) so it isn’t too bad. Unfortunately, I find Vega really needs those ex jumps even for the regular two hit dive attacks to break happy go lucky focus users.

wjat about CH claw swipe? HOw much does that do?

And super on wake up is god tier.

Hell yeah man. If you set it up right, there is little they can do about Vega’s super if he’s hovering above their head on wake up. The grab box is so huge on it.

vegz - Xfire Video I know it’s really blurry, but look closely at where Juri is right before I grab her.

i use the claw slash super to beat out anything when i anticipate the person is timing me to grab them. or on reversals with ex SBK pinwheel etc. it’s amazing how often it works. not worth the meter tho unless it’s near the end of the round.

oh and to get the 4th hit. you have 1 frame to hit them at the very top of their hitbox. if they are crouching unless they press a button that raises their hitbox you’re not getting 4 hits.

Man, I landed the 4 hits on a Juri online and killed her with the final blow. Definitely saved that replay and watch it from time to time. Big problem with wall dives I’ve found is neutral jump attacks. I really have no way to get in over their head if they time it properly especially with the case of Ryu (neutral jump, fierce chop). Is it invincible on wakeup though? Gotta go try it out. Be nice if it went through fireballs during the initial jump.