Vega's Titles:



-White titles for finishing some trials
-Blue titles for finishing all trials
-Red titles for finishing arcade mode with Vega on point paired w/ Balrog (medium or higher)
-Gold title is beating arcade mode w/ Vega on point on hardest difficulty.

  • Red and Gold can be unlocked simultaneously*

Noble Masked Man -white

Airborne Assassin- white

Hyouuu!!!- white

Stained With Red!-white

Death Via Claw-white

Deadly Serpent -white

Spanish Ninja -blue

Sadist -blue

Searching For Beauty -red

Intelligent Madman -gold


I really like Airborne Assassin and think it should have been chosen as a colored title :frowning:


I use Intelligent Madman or Deadly Serpent if i want a Vega one. Atm i’m using Wanna Spank Me? as the title and Please be gentle as my comment :3


no more Narcisist ç_ç


Sadist, with “Appearances are everything!” as line beneath it.