Vegas tourney results, we wanna know em!

yeah since i didn’t go, i just wanna know who won and who placed good or bad…

i dont know the exact results but its like

1st Danny Leong
2nd Edma

Not sure combofiend/sin in finals
3rd ruin

1st combo fiend
2nd C.B
3rd Paranoia evil

i played like ass in xx me vs combo fiend was a close ass fucking match =) good shit though

Combo fiend?
2nd edma?

a3 who knows

how many people showed?

it was mostly just R.U.N and some FF people rockafella/edma/shogo/jose


1 dark enigma (akuma)
2 ed ma (ken)
3 john d (urien)


1 dark enigma (akuma)
dont remember the rest, i think apoc got third, hella tired vegas was tight!

how’d apoc do in cvs2? and did anybody get some vids?


The 3s finals were the most intense finals of the night, IMO. It went back n fourth, back in fourth. Good stuff between DE and Edma really. I kinda felt bad for the GGXX final cause of all the attention the 3s final drew, heh.

Good stuff danny!

Yes :smiley:

Many thanx to the vegas folks for running this tourney…we had a blast!

Videos should be up sometime this week…but I still have 2 other tourneys to rip before I can work on the vegas vids…I’ll keep everyone posted

Danny has an awesome akuma on 3s!..Wait til you guys check out his matches with Ed!..very intense!!! :eek:


did you get any cvs2 vids by chance?


Yes :smiley:

No MvC2 tho :frowning:

Got some GGXX footage too :slight_smile:

Good job Danny. Think u can make it to N Cubed again?


Vegas Vids !!!

N-Joi ! :smiley:

Vegas Vids !!!


Good fucking job Danny in winning 3S and placing so high in cvs2.

ruin- nice job getting 3rd. I didn’t know you could throw down in marvel. Good shit vegas peeps.

thanks for the vids shogo, by any chance do you have vids of the finals or at least do you know what team combofiend played?

congrats to all who placed highly, especially edma and his tight yun and solid chun li.

Im sorry…I didn’t get the finals for cvs2…I think that was the time when I was recording Chaotic Blue playing against Ruin???

I just got the grand finals for 3s and losers finals for cvs2

Its hard to run around in circles trying to find good matches…at the sametime I was playing in the 3s tourney & I had to hide my camcorder behind somekind of matrix cut out poster next to the DDR machine to recharge my batteries :stuck_out_tongue:

But I did happen to catch Combofiend vs. Edma in the winners bracket :smiley:

what about a3 matches? any footage at all? thanx for the current footage. much appreciated

i understand shogo, it’s all good. thanks a lot for putting the footage up. it’s really nice to see tourney footage so soon after the event, and of such high quality. keep up the good work:)

and do you remember what team(s) combofiend played during the tourney? and i bet the edma vs combofiend matches are really good.

I didn’t get A3 footages either…sorry…they ended up running the A3 tourney so late…I think it started at 8:30 pm…we had to drive back to LA (5 hour drive & I had work the next day)

I’ll post the combofiend/edma cvs2 match later tonight or tomorrow morning…lets see…I think combofiend had A-Groove Rock/Cammy/Bison ???