Vega's Weaknesses?



I don’t know what it is about Vega, but I can’t seem to beat him. Everytime one of my friends picks him up, even if they’re just playing him for fun or for their first time, they kill me. His attacks just have so much priority and I can’t seem to stop him whether he’s offensive OR defensive. If anyone has any advice on his weaknesses and how I can exploit them with any particular character, it would be helpful.


There ain’t really a anti-Vega, or a weakness he has. He is just to damn good, his only true weakness is his defense, which becomes horribly worse when his mask is lost, and weaker hen his claw is off. Try to get a knockdown then rush the hell out of him, especially when he loses an item.


bad matchups for vega is bison, nako, cammy any jump in character does well against vega since he has a lack of a really relyable anti-air.


Hes a machine in the air, I wouldn’t want to go head to head with him unless I was Chun with her high priority.

If I wer you I would learn rolento - a.grove.
Or anyone else that does serious chip damage.

Vega relies on being the one in control of a match. And this is achieved well enough simply by aplying pressure. When you throw in big damage customs and massive chip damage when blocked. Umm … yeah. He looses items. :lame:

What do I know … Chun|Cammy|Vega :cool:


Vega’s got tough matches against Cammy and Bison.

Cammy’s jump short absolutely rox Vega. It beats out his air attacks and once they figure out not to jump, you can cross them up for free.

Bison’s guard crush capabilities also own Vega. Once you guard crush Vega it’s time to bust out that CC.


Vegas only options against people stright above him are to backflip or block the cross up. Also, if your going to beat vega, know what you can punnish. Way too many people try to counter blocked rolls or sweeps and just get sweept again or supered.


Cammy should be doing ownage of Vega.

short jump with j. short. Then, you get in. Then, do random moves up close and Vega dies. Just stay in close.

… except if I play the Cammy. Then I lose. Yeah.


Jump in rush ins absolutly kill vega. I cant stress this enough thats the only way 2 beat him when hes walkin forward or just landed jump in on him. I play vega a lot i know what hurts me when i play him. Just becareful that hes not duckin when u do jump in because his flip kick if a good anti air . And dont become predictable when fightin him as well because a lot of u r mentionin a jump in from cammy if this gets predictable vega might just ppp flip away and claw them or roll or do the flip kick. So b patient when playing vega. Oh and try 2 knock his mask and claw off vega aint sshit wit out his claw.


Any shoto can pretty much punish his jumping attacks with a simple couching fierce punch (uppercut). The easiest anti air I’ve ever seen.


It’s not that simple to beat Vega. Sure, it’s awesome to outprioritize him in front, and characters like Iori and Cammy are good against him, but he stuffs a LOT of jump-ins with,, and air-throw. In fact, at short range he can just most short-jumps or flip on reaction, so it’s not like you get free rush-down against him. A good turtling Vega can really stop you from getting into a comfortable cross-up range, but I’ll admit that once you’re on him, he occasionally will have trouble getting out (that’s when RC wall-jump is important).