Vegas Weather

For those that don’t know, Vegas is hot as fuck during summer time. We’re talking a dry heat of about 110+ at times. So if you’re gonna pack, you might wanna pack light clothing, Green Valley Ranch will be really cooled off and all but it usually gets hot up during these tournaments, and everyone starts sweating, so what I’m really trying to say is…

Wear some god damn deodarant. :tup:

Seconded, for the love of God.

In the last week or two (since that hurricane / tropical storm came up into the Gulf of Mexico), Las Vegas has been getting thunderstorm clouds rolling thru. Some of them cruise right past (or over) the valley without affecting us much, and some of them have dumped a whole mess of rain and wind (and a little hail) on us. The temps tend to be a little lower when this happens, but it’s not like that’s going to make you want to go outside in that crap. Prior to 2 weeks ago, we were experiencing a couple of weeks of record heat (113-117 degrees) – I think we had at least 5 straight days of temps of 115 or above. If you’re going to be away from Green Valley Ranch between 10am and 5pm during your stay, you’d also be well-advised to carry a bottled water or two with you.


quoted for emphasis

I’ll go an extra step and say wear AT LEAST wear some deodorant, but body spray or some sort of scented oil or SOMETHING.


only YOU can prevent smelling like assbombs
a public servie announcment by smelly the bear


Think of summer… in Hawaii, but HOTTER with the humidity… thats what Vegas feels like right now…

maybe they should hand deodarants at sign-ups :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinkin about that …shit it might be worth $100 to go to sam’s club and buy a bulk box of deodorant to hand out to the riper of the entrants. Have a smellograph to guage people’s assiness and give them a speedstick and point them to the washroom.


deodorant isnt enough on its own, there needs to be SHOWERS also people.

brushing of the teeth wouldn’t help.

oh and hotels usually have irons, so make them shirts crispy…

one more wrinkly anime shirt and I’ll scream.


I’m down with that… smoke 10 blunts and come in wreaking of weed… just as long as it’s not of BO

… that and goddam bring some sunblock before we get some crispy SFers


Bump for the weekend weather update for the 89052 zip code (Green Valley Ranch).

Our overnight lows for this weekend will be about normal for this time of year in Las Vegas: 77 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Daytime highs aren’t quite as hot as usual, owing to the clouds (and periodic rain) we’ve experienced since that tropical storm hit the Gulf of Mexico a couple weeks ago: instead of temps in the low 100s (or 110-115 like we had just a month back), they’re predicting mid-to-high 90s (bear in mind, this will be accompanied by higher-than-average humidity). Friday & Saturday should see a 20-30% chance of rain (the south end of town – where GVR is – has been a little rainier these past few weeks than other ends of the valley), with a dry Sunday.

Just some stuff to bear in mind as you pack for this weekend.


High humidity for the desert you mean, ECers are gonna be fuckin cold at 95 degrees :clap:

welp if its this hot, everyone better get ready to see my walking around wtih no shirt on again this year.

I think the SRK fashion police are going to kick you out for that one, FS. :stuck_out_tongue:

fear my nipples

me and viscant are going to be the sexiest beasts at evo, bet on that.

Deodorant isn’t enough. Anti-Perspirant people. And shave your pits!

This should be a sticky topic.

it freaken rained hard as hell. i was not prepared for that at all

Yeah, dry sunday my ass.