Vega's win quotes

Me and my friend were bored, so we decided to write these down. Maybe someone will find these useful one day…

  1. The most beautiful rose is cultivated in the blood of those that fall before me.
  2. The thrill of victory… The scent of fresh blood in the air… Ecstasy!
  3. Stop twitching already! It just makes you look even more ugly.
  4. The blood-curdling shriek of defeat is more beautiful than any music.
  5. True beauty transcends such simplistic labels such as “good” and “evil”…
  6. I’m at my most beautiful after a victory.
  7. The heart and soul are meaningless to me. I believe only in beauty.
  8. Nothing thrills me more than an arc of fresh blood spraying through the air.
  9. Strange… Everyone’s blood is beautiful, even if the owner is not.
  10. If you’re going to die, hurry up and do it! I don’t have all day!
  11. What a beautiful victory!

Character Specific:
Ryu - Your self-love is not justified! One day, you’ll face men stronger than me!
Ken - It takes more than a pretty face to make it in the ring, pal! Try working out!
Chun-Li - Is your face really so handsome that you have to protect it like that?
Guile - You’re fast, but not fast enough to beat me. Go home and nurse those wounds.
E.Honda - It takes more than speed to topple a giant like me!
Blanka - You jump around like a butterfly, but I squashed you like one!
Zangief - Do you hide your face out of embarassment for those puny muscles?
Dhalsim - Beauty is only skin deep. Beneath yours lies a wretched creature.
Abel - Don’t complain to me. It’s not my fault your loss offends your sense of beauty.
C.Viper - Are there actually women who dig that long hair and boyish face? Ick!
El Fuerte - You’re too skinny for your own good. Pull up a chair and enjoy my cooking!
Rufus - So I finally found you, Ken Masters! How does it feel to lose to me, Masters? Are you filled with regret? Rage? How about rue? I bet you’re filled to the brim with rue, ain’t ya? What? You’re not Ken Masters? C’mon, man! It’ll take more than a mask to fool me!
Balrog - Hope they’ve got lots of mirrors and combs in hell!
Vega - There is only room in this world for one man as beautiful as me!
Sagat - Only a fool would spend his whole life based around his own ego!
M.Bison - I put up with your insane obsession only when you are useful to me. Not any more!
Akuma - The beauty you so value is meaningless!
Gouken - Your paranoid dillusions narrow your world view to but a slit.
Dan - I hate guys like you! Not sure why, but…
Fei Long - There are more important things in this world than a pretty face!
Gen - It is too late for a fool to mend his ways when death comes calling.
Sakura - If you’re a ninja, do you have secret passages in your house and stuff?
Rose - Your eyes are too clouded to see the real beauty of this world.
Cammy - Your narcissism nauseates me.

Enemy quotes vs. Vega:
Ryu - I will show you a view that can only be glimpsed from the depths of despair!
Ken - Get on your knees and worship my beauty!
Chun-Li - And so your quest ends. The emptiness you leave behind is a thing of beauty.
Guile - Your moves are beautiful. Too bad I cannot say the same about the rest of you.
E.Honda - Never have I glimpsed such vile ugliness! You are a disgrace!
Blanka - I won’t let your filthy claws come in contact with my sublime body!
Zangief - Leave me at once! I can no longer bear the ugliness of your countenance!
Dhalsim - Enlightenment? What would a crass soul such as yours know of enlightenment?
Abel - Don’t worry. You won’t be alone any longer once I send you to hell…
C.Viper - How dreadfully dull. Nothing offends my refined senses more than children.
El Fuerte - I wouldn’t let your slop touch my beautiful lips.
Rufus - What manner of hideous beast are you? You sicken me!
Balrog - Your ugliness calls to mind disease stricken cattle!
Vega - There is only room in this world for one man as beautiful as me!
Sagat - I don’t know how you continue to live with that hideous scar.
M.Bison - Victory over you is a feeling most beautiful.
Akuma - Only a fool would value power over beauty!
Gouken - No one can defeat my combination of beauty and power! Not even you!
Dan - Your pitiful antics are entertaining, but tiresome.
Fei Long - Your kicks have written a check that your feeble body simply cannot cash.
Gen - The process of aging is a hideous thing. I would sooner die than look like you!
Sakura - It would be a shame to destroy a rose before it has fully bloomed…
Rose - Your beauty reminds me of the last gasp of a flame before it is extinguished…

Props to Decadence for doing both character specific sets.

#2 it is for me, I’d rep you if I could.

Somebody need to make an FAQ for all of these Quotes, Taunts and Colors.

i love vega quotes. they’re so poetic, dark at the same time =)

they’re beautiful too!

**:rofl: @ 9

That’s my choice.**


  1. Strange… Everyone’s blood is beautiful, even if the owner is not.

^ I’m loving that one.

Got 9 up all day.


or 3 for :slight_smile:

*1. The most beautiful rose is cultivated in the blood of those that fall before me. *

I laughed out the first time I noticed this one. It’s so over the top.

I came across another one today, can’t remember the whole thing but was it something along the lines of ‘your ugly countenance is unbearable.’

Yeah, I just saw it today too! I wonder if there’s a way to pick it…
It COULD be a character specific win quote though.

Handsome fighters never lose battles.

10 suits my personality and impatience, I love it

I love 9 and all, but I miss “Thank you for a gorgeous time!” :sad: I used to tell broads that the morning after, before making them leave :lol:

Back in SF2:HF, I never understood his yodeling… I always thought he was saying something like “Double-Quai-Gon-Egg”. Does he really yodel? I mean the winning pose where he does a short backslash and then rises his fist up in the air.

I must say of all the quotes I loved “thank you for a gorgeous time” most.

For me the best has to be number 3, stop twitching already it just makes you look uglier.
Number one he really is just talking about himself, about how the blood of others makes him feel more beautiful.

Why did they take out “Beautiful fighters never lose battles”?



Handsome fighters never lose battles!

I miss “I’m super fabulous!”.

It’s what I was responding to HDR ragequits and hatemail with :frowning:

Hell with that Marty, you should keep using it anyway.

I think 6 just tickled my pickle. :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten “There is nothing more offensive to my refined taste then children” after beating Viper. Love it.