VegasHunnyBunny...You knew this day would come

Before you view, I would like to preface this video by stating the facts. I was fucking around on SB breaking in a new DS3 pad when I came across Vegas. I thought to myself, “Perfect, he’s a decent Vega and my D-pad will definitely get some work in since I need to be on my reversal game for this matchup.” He beat me 4 times and I said fuck it, and grabbed my regular DS3 pad for the next match. It was a distinctly different ball game from the jump and of course, as I delivered the final blow…He quits. There was some back and forth PM’ing of course which ultimately led me to challenge him to a RT10. Lucky for me, he spammed me invites and I had my camera handy. :tup:

Now, …I’m not one to post myself up or even toot my own horn. And in actuality, that’s not even what this post is about. Because as you’ll see in this video, I’m clearly not even 100% (which makes it all the sweeter.) And, I DEFINITELY never post w/o first receiving permission from the party involved. But, the purpose of this is to finally expose this troll for who he truly is once and for all. So fuck formalities. Regardless of all the controversy on the threads, there’s no running away from what this video proves, Vegas. And if your pussy, sub-par, RQ’ing fail-of-epic-proportions ass ever wants a shot at redemption…I’m just a room invite away. Enjoy guys :smokin:


Had0, you’re the fucking man!


Good shit, HK.

Somebody close this topic please!!!

I wish I had the ability. :frowning:

gotta love that ryu hella crazy :smiley:

Yo LMAO @ 10:32 in the vid…

DP gets owned by wakeup throw haha WTF?!

lol your reactions were priceless

:wonder: Next time, use the bad games thread… dood.