Vegeta's Pelvis

Let me begin with, I think Dragonball Z is dumb and a waste of time. With that I present you a Dragonball Z fan art I was asked to do for a present ( what a hypocrite! ). Vegeta is looking pretty pissed off, that’s because he’s anticipating the burn when he slams that projectile into his pelvis.

Tell me whatchu’ guys think, although I’m not fond of DBZ, Vegeta is pretty pimp.

Created with ink and pencil. This art is 100% original BTW, no other DBZ pic like it.

If you want to color this image for fun, here’s the line art. Post your colorations here!

SFMC get on this train, I’m not wearing any clothes.

I have to say of all the DBZ characters (for whatever reason) I like Vegeta the most. With that said, your shading rocks and the pic even looks like official art. I don’t know why he’s blasting himself? lol but it looks tight! Awesome job. :clap:

Saiyans take it like a man, that’s why.

I can only see the b/w gif :frowning:

it looks good, though… and believe me when I say that this is perhaps one of the FEW DragonBall fanart pics that I don’t mind looking at :slight_smile:

Hmm… if you can’t see the image, go here!

Ooo… sexy!
the shadows (& implied lighting) really add to the pic :slight_smile:


Good name for the pic. Great way to draw people in and get them to see your madskillz. Your shading is some of the best I’ve seen in a while Gammon. Ol’ Vegetta looks like he’s pissed (when does he look any OTHER way? ) and about to make someone sorry. Great pic overall man.


Thanks, my shading isn’t top tier yet. Got some work to do.

wow gammon, u got badass stuff, ur on my deviant watch now :clap: awsome vegeta, i’ll give a crack at coloring it, when i find the time :xeye:

k heres my colored vers, u really did an awsome job shading, so i left it, why fix it if it aint broke i suppose

Heh heh, cool. That looks unusual, how did you color that? Did you change the variance or use a “color” brush?

I like it. Very nicely done. I’m not too sure about the lower area of his body, though.

Gammon, good sir, this is some fine DBZ fanart considering that you dont seem to care for it at all. The only thing I can say is that it looks like he is about to get hit instead of getting ready to shoot, maybe its because the way his back is arched, it gives it the feel that he is dodging or bracing for impact.

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probably set your shaded pic as a multiply layer and coloured a layer below it. That’s pretty much how I’d do it, at least.

yeah thats what i pretty much did, i’m not that great at coloring so i just used ur shaded pic for all the lighting

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Yea, my deviant name is gammon. Let us all UNITE! O_O

i already added u on my list gammon :clap: k i just added u deon