Velcro idea: whats going on with the joysticks?

what are we gonna do about the velcro? whats the regulation standards gonna be? will you guys have a ton of it available at the tourny?
what kind of buttons will the joysticks you guys are making available have?
will you guys have a joystick repair table? we can t take screw drivers or anything on the plane so i hope this is happening.
whats the big surprise? tv coverage??? i WANANAES knows!!1

thanks in advance, i leave in few hours.

What’s going on with the velcro?


The sticks we’re providing will be velcroed down.

If you’re like to velcro your stick, you just need to do 2 thing:

  1. Bring your own velcro!!!
  2. Arrive Thursday night for registration. Bring your stick and velcro and test it out on our setup. Thursday night will be your only opportunity to do this.


i’ve been wondering about this.

i’ve bought about $5 worth of velcro strips (industrial strength and irregular surface version) at home depot. you can also get these at any fabric store.

i plan to stick the strips on my stick AND onto a non-slip bath mat of which i have 2 kinds.
i) a rubbery foamish type mat i bought @ be batha nd beyond for $12 looks like its best. it has little suction pads that will stick toi smooth surfaces and the rubber should take care of the rest.
ii) a cushioned rubber bath mat. its clear plastic and smaller so i’m giving it a try.

i’ll post which i think is better tomorrow.

I think you’re better off just velcroing your stick to our setup. I wouldn’t do anything irreversable until you have a chance to try it out at EVO. Maybe not, though… (how’s that for unhelpful :smiley: )

Ponder: I don’t think we’ve discussed this yet, but as tragic suggested, we should put the hook side of the velcro on the table and the loop side on the bottom of the sticks. This way when you are not velcro’d down and you have the stick in your lap, you at least have the soft part on your legs or whatever. Also the soft side is less likely to get damaged that the hard hook side, so we don’t have to worry about how players treat their sticks and whatnot.

Table = hooks (hard side of velcro)
Sticks = loops (soft side of velcro)

kind of confused about the velcro set ups. will there already be velcro stuck to the set ups? because i’m thinking of getting velcro strips (tape on one side and velcro on the other) adn just taping it to the bottom of my stick so i can just stick it to the velcro on the set up. OR do we have to bring the velcro for the setups too? am i confusing you guys? lol. someone please clarify this for me.

One side of the velco will be stuck to the tables. The other side will be stuck to your stick. You must provide the velcro that’s going on your stick. Buying the velcro strips is cool; you’lll just put 1/2 on your stick and discard the other half.

DO NOT VELCRO YOUR STICK UNTIL YOU GET TO EVO!! That way you can make sure you use the correct side of the velcro and that the strips on the table line up with the strips on your stick.

alright thanks for clarifying that for me ponder. i’ll make sure to get those velcro strips. evo in 2 days i cant wait.

would you guys have some for sale?

what sticks will be provided for us…competition buttons?? is there a standard or just depends on which setup you get put on

We will not be selling velcro.