Velix arcade stick

i wana know are they good, just a brief discription about who they are etc, i wana know before put there art on my arcade stick

Velix? I assume you meant VEWLIX?

Vewlix is the name/brand of a TAITO make arcade machine.

Hori makes the HRAP Premium VLX which is licensed by Taito & VEWLIX.

are they really good better then madcatz te stick makers even though they use the same parts

Vewlix is an Arcade Cabinet.
The arcade cabinet uses the same Sanwa parts you would get in a TE.

If you are talking about the Vewlix arcade coin-op cabinet. They are popular in the sense that it looks more modern than most and to have an actual Vewlix cabinet tells others you have a lot of money to burn. They are popular enough in looks alone that people pay good money just to get a clone viewlix. As far as parts Tigre is right… they use the same parts stick and pushbuttons as a TE (sanwa).

Now if you are talking about the Hori… you will see arguements that the pcb is better than the madcatz… blah blah… whatever… the stick is about choice… its about the size of a skateboard… about twice as much normally as a TE… and tells others that you have a lot of money to burn… other than that… uses the same parts stick and pushbuttons as a TE.

Also: Vewlix refers to a popular pushbutton style that they created for arcade sticks… first two buttons offset lower than the other three sets…

If you’re looking for a good viewlix style stick, just get a madcatz TE or TE-S, OR a Hori V3 SA. They both use the same exact sanwa parts, so you cant really go wrong with either. Both are around the same price, a TE retails anywhere from $130-150 and the V3-SA is about $130 on amazon. V3 is a bit longer too.

The V3 also comes in a bright firetruck red. Which is pretty bitchin.

Someone is selling a VLX in box for like 225 in the trading outlet. Dirty cheap.

after you buy it you can tell everyone you bought it for $350 because you imported it from Japan back when they first came out! haha

Unless you’re talking to me. Because I can tell the difference between a US and JPN one. :slight_smile:

Also everyone.

It’s VEWLIX not Viewlix!


i swear I force myself to do that and I still call it a viewlix…

I said Vewlix though :V
Also, the VLX is, and will be a bad product until I can buy it in firetruck red.

I’m assuming you’re asking about the VLX Premium RAP V3/VX sticks that Hori makes?

My honest opinion on the matter.

The TE stick, obviously inspired by the Vewlix arcade cabinet. Awhile later, Hori also goes the Vewlix route, but also gets the TAITO license and Vewlix moniker to use in official capacity on their obviously super high end/premium priced model ($300). It’s just a bit hard to compare a $150 stick to a $300 one. When they are obviously not competing with each other (in price point or feature set).

They have similarities of course, but if you see them as just a controller/fightstick, then by all means you don’t need my opinion.

End of the day, you can’t go wrong with either stick.

BTW, the moment the release a Vewlix L color (not betting on it), anything with blue though.

I’ll buy 8 more.

MarkMan I salute you for always staying impartial lol must be hard as hell. Hori need to get a hori dude on these forums or start paying you for all the free publicity you give em.

salute right back

lol. I’m just doing what I always did. Even before I started working for Mad Catz, I’ve always been on this forum talking it up. :slight_smile:

Even I mispelled vewlix, wow. Guess it’s hard to catch when the pronounciation is too similar.

Even I mispelled vewlix, wow. Guess it’s hard to catch when the pronounciation is too similar.

so is it worth to put VEWLIX art on to my se to make it look better

iv only got black buttons so will it go good

also i can get any colour balltop what colour do suggest i was thinking black aswel

so just make it clear vewlix art, black sanwa buttons, any balltop colour u sugges, Thanks gus for all the replying you have done much apreciated!

Dude, do what you want. No one cares about putting Vewlix on your stick. It won’t make it official in any way. It does not +5 to bp or anything.

Do what your heart tells you.