Veneer box made in less than 2 days

Well i decided to build myself an arcade box. I was shooting for a hardwood case , but had many problem in the process. Well last friday i decided to build a quick case with 1/2’’ veneer wood i had left since i wanted to try my new bench saw.

here is the result of 2 days work.

This box is actually a test subject for a better one. But my idea worked great! You can notice some missing paint , its because i painted it all together and had to take it apart. Little mistake but like i said its a test box.

It was fun ! and i will do another one with better quality veneer.

Looks good. Can’t wait to see the improved box…

as you can see there is a HUGE chip on the corner. Im going to a specialized shop for veneer tommorow.

that actually looks pretty nice. any snaps of the inside?

looks good! could of used a nice sanding though, unless you were going for that look

the top board looks too thick for an LS32 bottom-mount.

the inside wiring isnt done yet, but here what it looks like inside. The next case is gonna be way smoother. I only have a belt sander wich is way too rough. Today im going to buy an orbital.

looks clean, what are you planning to do for the bottom piece?

nothing at the moment , because this was a test box.

Now i found the perfect veneer , wich is russian cherry wood veneer

Its cleaner and easier to work with than rough veneer. I also just found a 30mm and 24mm hole-saw.

the box should be completed by friday!