Vengeance must be served! The Ghost Rider Thread

Wazzup people…I’ve noticed that there’s no Ghost Rider thread on SRK. Ghost Rider is probably one of the most badass heroes in the Marvel Universe and one of the strongest apparently (Learned that when Dr.Strange said that the true Ghost Rider could beat the Hulk in WWH). But anyway I KNOW I’m not the only one who likes Ghost Rider in this place. Just want to discuss you’re favorite Ghost Rider, favorite series, and what you think about the direction of the current run. I personally think that the two series “Road to Damnation” and “Trail of Tears” by Garth Ennis and Clayton Crain were two of the best series I’ve read in a while. Also it would be cool if we could help clear up some history b/c it’s hella confusing.

The current series is pretty rocking!

i loves that mini series where the guy did it all cg like.

Anyone happen to read the Ghost Rider comic where Blackheart died? If so how was it?

I fail for not making a thread for this series ;_;
Jason Aaron’s work on GR is awesome, and the current story arc is entertaining, though could go with some more panels of fights.
Other than that this is one under appreciated gem.

I hear ya…did you read the latest one w/ Danny gettin back into the picture?

Read that too, Danny should have blue flames in later issues, blue flames are :cool:

Jason Aaron’s run on Ghost Rider so far has been exceptional, but I wish Garth Ennis would take over writing. ‘Road to Damnation’ is one of the best Ghost Rider stories I’ve ever read, riddled with dark humor and gorgeous artwork from Clayton Crain. I didn’t read all of that Spirits of Vengeance shit from the 90s, so I don’t know all of the rich and ridiculously convoluted history of the Ghost Rider mythos, but I’m going to credit Ennis and Crain to reviving Johnny Blaze as the central Ghost Rider character whether they did or not because they did it with such style. Honestly, the Ghost Rider movie was straight fucking terrible, and I think the decision to relaunch the title was greatly dependent and largely due to the Ennis’s work on the RtD mini-series. That is how Ghost Rider should read.

One of the movie’s saving graces is that it showed the GR to be EXTREMELY powerful.

you mean the gayest movie of the year had a saving grace:amazed:?

Ghost Rider 29


If the Rider on the left with the turban has an undead camel to ride on, that would be beyond badass

So yeah…what’s with this blue fire shit with danny…and why the hell are just now seeing that there are like umpteen billion GR’s around the world. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still liking it right now but the latest issue kinda threw me for a loop.

Easy; GR only operated in the US didn’t he? So he wouldn’t know or rather be informed of the GRs that exist OUTSIDE the US.
Also Danny’s blue flames will be explained in his current mini, but you know its cuz the flames are from Zadkiel.


Any Ghost Rider fans around here? I was never hard into GR until the Garth Ennis/Clayton Crain mini-series a couple years back. Been hooked ever since.

The ongoing series is a nice fresh take on the whole persona of the Spirit of Vengeance, incorporating many past characters as well as trying to stay somewhat true to the origin of the GR.

Good times overall, and some amazing artwork throughout with top notch writing.

^Merged your thread with the Ghost Rider thread.

Ghost Rider is gonna appear in X-Force BTW. He already appeared in the previous issue, but will help Warpath kick some demon bear ass in this month’s issue :rock:

According to the letters section in the back of issue #30 the whole GR origin is so convoluted and screwy that there really isn’t an “official” origin anymore, what with Satan being replaced with Mephisto, then a rewrite later on because of that very fact, then another rewrite…

Anyway, I think we’re just stuck with “convoluted and confusing”, though I think the relaunch with Ennis’ “RtD” did a fantastic job of getting things back on track, so to speak.

That’s the aforementioned Garth Ennis/Clayton Crain teamup.

I collect X-Force as well, so I can’t wait for this (I have some issues piled up that I haven’t gotten to just yet…).

ok…why couldn’t Danny keep the GR outfit he was wearing in his mini series…the one with the trenchcoat…that outfit was bad ass. On a separate note…love GR#30 cover. I, for some reason, was never a fan of the spike frenzy people were having with him. That’s probably why I like Ennis/Crain’s run on it…but yeah…if they EVER get around to making MvC3(I know it’s not going to happen), GR and Silver Surfer BETTER be in it.

^Word. If he can do his penance stare, do you think Gouki would get sent to hell? (hypothetically speaking)

As opposed to realistically speaking?