Venom arcade stick PS4/PS3

Hi guys!
do you have heard anything about the Venom PS4 arcade stick? I take a look at the description and photos(since it´s the only thing we got) and it looks like the mayflash V2, the case looks the same used on the mayflash v2.
Since the descrition says it has premium quality parts (I dont know what they call premium quality parts) I assume it comes with sanwa or seimitsu parts. The color of the buttons and balltop looks navy, so maybe it has the PS-15 navy(I dont believe but it´s the only quality buttons I know with that color). The price is 75€($86), a nice chance to get a PS4 stick. It looks nice btw, here is some photos:

I was looking on the net and I found other PS4 stick with the same name but different in all aspects, looks a kind of cheap one, here is it:

On the Venom, I would bet that the buttons and lever are Chinese knockoffs (albeit reportedly decent ones if they’re the same as what’s in the Mayflash V2). That case will accept Sanwa and Seimitsu parts without additional modding, though if it’s like the V2 you have to either splice in a 5 pin harness or order one of the cables @deserada found for the V2. Easy either way, I’d go for it in your situation- the case is nice (should have easily swappable are also since it’s a v2 shell), and there aren’t many options for a ps4 pcb at the moment. Hell, I would consider ordering one myself is the ps4/ps3 model was offered stateside.

As for the second one, I don’t know anything about it- I’d avoid it unless you come across info suggesting it’s worthwhile.

That first one seems interesting. Is there any word on the date it will be available?

looks like a steal at that price if it accepts standard parts…

It’s already for sale in Europe (or at least Germany). I haven’t been able to find any information on a US retailer offering them, I’m expecting to see the same thing over here offered under the Mayflash name at some point though.

It will be interesting to see what kind of PCB differences there are between the original Mayflash MF002 and the Venom PS4 and 8bitdo FC30. All are identical, near as I can tell, and it wouldn’t surprise if all have a common PCB with solder jumpers to enable/disable features.

Mayflash v2 is Xbox 360 and PS3
the Venom stick is PS3/PS4.
The bitdo is a bluetooth stick and does not use USB

This would be my first choice for a PS4 stick if it came stateside in some form.
Really don’t like the V3esque bodies Hori is continuing to use and the TE2 is more than I’m looking to spend on a stick again.

Lol, I doubt it.

I agree, it will use knock off parts like the Mayflash 2 stick.
hopefully you could upgrade to authentic parts.

Then you haven’t seen the next wave of Hori PS4 and Xbox one controllers coming next month

Given the atrocious USD to CAD conversion these days, it might actually be the best value for a PS4 stick to get this one shipped to Canada from Germany. It helps that i have a few jlf’s laying around (that is, if the pcb offers the same connections as the Mayflash V2) .

I honestly just want to spend less than 200$ CAD for a PS4 stick, and this really seems to be the only option.

Amimai is selling the Hori RAP V for $110 USD, that’s about $140 CAD, shipping should be $20-30 I’m guessing but you could be hit with customs/duties/tax/brokerage or whatever the post likes to tickle your wallet with

Anyone with the venon ps4 stick in hands? I pre order mine from amazon es but anything until now, no debit from my cc, I want to know if received them to provide the pre orders at least, since they dont have it in stock.

@Tensho Thanks for the recommendation, that would actually be a sweet deal, but alas it seems to be sold out :frowning:

This one doesn’t seem to be unless I’m missing something

Oh wow, I’m clearly blind. Thanks a lot!

@Microphonic No problem lemme know how much the shipping was to Canada if you do order lol

This seems like the Mayflash V2, Joystick and buttons feel the same.

Some inside shots -

The mounting plate is compatible for the sanwa JLF-TP-8YT ?

Yes, but you will need to either splice in a joystick harness or get the correct JST cable.