Venom arcade stick PS4/PS3

Hi all, I’ve been lurking the forums for some time now only recently decided to join. Im looking to purchase my next arcade stick(ps4)and I’m stuck between the venom and the hrap v4 kai or if anybody has other similarly priced suggestions I welcome them. Currently Im repping the ps3 hori hrap v3-sa bought new when released have since modded it(hayabusa stick+seimitisu ps15s). I’d like to keep the current mods and switch them out in the new stick. I like the ease of customizable artwork on the venom but it has knock-off sanwa parts can get 130ish on ebay best i can find(i live in usa). The hrap v4 kai 149 has much better quality parts but not as art swap friendly. Size n shape isn’t an issue but if anyone can chime in on the difference Id greatly appreciate it. I dont dislike the hori shape but I’m open to try to something new. So to me one has better stick parts but not so art friendly and slightly higher price other has lesser quality parts but art friendly with lower price, both are mod friendly.Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.

I regret the HRAP 4. The cable tray is a constant breaking hazard, opening it and modding it is a pain, and the casing is goofy. I much, much prefer the newer venom with my hayabusa switched into it. If you want to replace the PCB the Venom will be much easier (and leave you with a neat PCB you can either sell or use for a scratch built stick).

Oh no, I just ordered some OBSF-30RGs to put in the Venom. Are you sure they don’t fit? I thought there was enough room.

Where do you print your artwork guys ?

Hi, imo, the hrap v4 kai is the best value for people who don’t want to mod. The venom and the new mayflash are the best value for people who want to customize. The parts in the venom aren’t that bad especially with you do a switch mod.

By systematically modifying spare ribbon cables, I think I’ve been able to work out what the pinout is for the LED and secondary button board - take a look at this thread if you want to PCB mod your venom: Reverse Engineering Mayflash PCB “MF002V”

Could you share the artwork please? is amazing! :slight_smile:

Ok, so I’m leaning towards the Hori for values sake but upon further research I’ve learned the hrap 4 kai’s are now or recently have been manufactured with the new hayabusa buttons as opposed to the previous kuro buttons. I’m about to place an order on Amazon for the kai and the description details match those of Hori’s site regarding the updated parts. Has anyone recently ordered the hrap 4kai from Amazon and received the newest version as listed or ended up with the earlier version by mistake? I just need confirmation so i don’t have to deal with a possible return headache. Thanks

First off you are in the wrong thread. This is for the Venom not Hori sticks.

Anyways what you actually get depends on where you get your stick from.
If you got your Hori Stick from Hori them selves, an authorized Distributor/Retailer or 1st party source then you are most likely get a Hori 4 Kai with the new Hayabusa buttons.
If you got your stick from a re-seller or 3rd party source it could go ether way.

Like if you go to New Egg or Amazon (with Amazon being the actual seller) you most likely get the Hayabusa. 100% chance of getting the new stick if you went directly to Hori, such as Hori JP or Hori USA.
If you go to eBay, ask the seller if the sales page is unclear (take advantage of eBay policies and how descriptions work).

Hi everyone. I always played whit pad, some years ago I purchased a Hori EX2 for the 360 but never get used to it and enden playing sfIV whit a fightpad. Now whit the release of sfV I wanted to give sticks a second chance and purchased a Mayflash F300 whit the idea of modding it whit Sanwa or Seimitsu parts but after 2 weeks whit it I found it small and uncomfortable(same as the Hori EX2) so I sold it and purchased a Venom. I modded it whit the Sanwa silent stick whit octogonal restrictor and Sanwa silent buttons. I’ve been playing whit stick for a month now and now I’m totally used to it and I love playing whit and arcade stick. This is how I customised my stick. The artwork was made for me by a friend from another forum cause I’m pretty noob whit photoshop and those things, I made a design myself for the F300 that I sold but for the Venom I wanted a better artwork. Hope you like it. The colours apears a bit dark and strange in the first picture, in the second one they apear better.

The end version of my customized Venom stick. Design is based on a TE stick I saw, but remade to fit the Venom stick. Had to redo everything from scratch since the TE2 layout does not fit the Venom very well.

how is the input lag in those? Haven’t seen any results on teyah

Thanks for the insight and apologies for continuing on the wrong thread. I’ve contacted the seller “Amazon” and was told they are unsure about the actual product being the updated version which I found odd.So I figured I’d consult the forums for help if anybody has experience with the matter.

I may have scored a deal with someone upgrading from a stock venom. Regarding joystick cables, since I have an hrap v3sa with a hayabusa installed will the cable/harness that came with the hrap be compatible with the venom without any issues? Id like to swap my stick n buttons to the venom but if I’ll need a new cable it’s not a big deal. Thanks

The V4 has the cable glued to the board, but I’m not sure about the V3 - it might be an idea to pick up a new joystick harness, just in case.

It is glued to the pcb albeit very poorly but looks easy to remove. I’m mainly concerned with the cable being too short or the harness not fitting into the venom board. If it doesn’t fit i can still use my v3sa til a new cable comes. I don’t see why the harness wouldnt fit though, unless it’s completely different on the venom.

Working on some stick art based on Japanese Mega Drive covers. I wanted to preserve the design of the label, so this is just a straight resize:

(Main art is scaled at 50% to get on imgur)

Do those buttons look like they’ll be OK? I’m thinking Semitsu clear screw-ins… I know I’ll have to resize that top button for the 24mm plug, but I have no idea how to do so in gimp

You don’t need to make 2 sheets, the actual button plungers are smaller than the button holes.
You would need to re size for the 24 hole. It should be the same size as the hole for your joystick.

I had a change of direction. Can’t wait to win at Evo with this bad boy on my stick

Argh no matter what I can’t get the size for the art right. 25.00 wasted printing it.