Venom arcade stick PS4/PS3

Thanks for the reply, man :wink: I can easly modify the cable to put in the sanwa’s stick. I have another question: is the venom PCB common ground?

Don’t know, haven’t had anyone probe around and post results yet.

damn those buttons are blantant sanwa knockoffs, down to the mold shape

Apparently so. I think it was @Gummo who confirmed this but there was a slight quirk to it.

Now long has Sanwa buttons been around? I think their design patent since expired.

Wasn’t that the 360/ps3 v2? This is a ps4/ps3 model.

Ah… you may be correct.

Maybe these buttons are compatible with SW-68 microswitch, today I post info, waiting for mine :slight_smile:

I just noticed they used a dust cover that goes over a shaft cover, rather than one made for a bare shaft snicker which means there is a huge gap for dust to get in. What a bunch of competent fellows!

Not a huge deal, as it can be fixed pretty easily, but it’s kind of hard to see why that made it out of the factory

@Moonchile, thats not correct, they used a “normal” shaft and dust cover, like the JLF. btw the stick looks really nice, very well done for a medium range arcade stick, it feels like the Madcatz SE but with a bigger case and better parts.

@Seqo @Moonchile
Moonchile is right.

If you look here, same image as in the first post.

The Dust Washer is TOO BIG. That Dust washer is sized for a shaft cover, not bare shaft.

sorry for the double post but here is some fresh news

Mini Review taking into account price-quality
The case looks like a mix of the qanba4raf and the Madcatz SE(brawlstick), it´s smaller than qanba4raf but bigger than SE. It is about the same weight as the MadCatz pro, for its size it feels heavy.
It has a usb cord compartment which gives it a nice touch. unlike the old mayflash this stick doesn´t look cheap at all.
The parts are sanwa´s clones, but doesn´t feel like sanwa, both the stick and buttons feels stiffer then sanwa. I quite liked the joystick but did not like either of the buttons, luckily these are compatible with SW-68 microswitchs, which gives them a more sensitive touch(but not as good as sanwa). The home button has a “cliking” microswitch, looks like the Gamerfinger´s 24mm buttons, which is really nice.
Taking into acount price-quality I give it a 8.7 out of 10, in matter of fact, this arcade stick was a really nice surprise, I dont expected too much, I was only interested in taking the pcb but I’ll keep it original (only changed the microswitchs and perhaps later put seimitsu´s PS-14-KN buttons).

Here is some pics:

Comparation between Sanwa OBSF buton and Venom Clone buton

The venom buton is taller

Changed the microswitchs

Mix up between the OBSF and Venom butons

Looks like the gates are compatible

This guy posted a “review” earlier in the month. It helps to see the stick in action a bit. “How many of you millennials know what a turbo switch is? hehehe”

It looks like the AU EBgames has them for $199 AUD. ($155USD)

Will this work on an American ps4? Might be a dumb question but I want to be 110% sure before i order it.

Yes, controllers are region free.

You da man.

Awesome, wanted to see a review. Thanks!

Getting mine on tomorrow. I’ll post my impressions as well. I want to see if its compatible with jlf accessories out of the box like the gate as mentioned above but also the kowal actuator.

Given that the gate looks like the hayabusa’s gate, you may have to round off the top of the larger cylinder. If you feel it snagging, try that.