Venom avatar request (I meant Web Throw instead of Venom Web. Sorry

Hey guys, sorry about the confusion last time, but I made a mistake. I wanted the avatar to be of Venom using the web throw (on spider-man).

I was wondering if it would be possible to make one where Venom is already using it on spider-man and continually uses it. I mean, like, he’s just smashing the sh*t out of him.

When Venom uses the move, he:

A: Shoots the web from his hand onto his opponent.

B: Smashes them against the walls (twice, I think)

C: Throws them.

I was wanting an avatar that cuts out parts A and C and just has a loop on B. Im not sure if thats possible though

If someone could make me one like that (that also says Firetrainer60) I would be extremely greatful!!!:smiley:

BTW, thanks to you two who made the previous ones for me!!!:slight_smile:

i’ll make you a venom one… but not that.

Is what I described impossible to make??

it would be quite hard.



theres people that can do it… such as myself, but most are just lazy …such as myself.

Why would you tell me you can make one, if you’re not gonna do it??

Can somebody explain to me how to make those kinda avatars? Do you need some kinda program?

That’s beautiful.