Venom is a beast



This character is too good.

I retract my previous statements about him sucking.

I like the team venom/cable/doom, its pretty cheap. I would also like to note that i’m infected with the damien… Insert character/cable/doom is my new team…


Hey Mix-up, what are the properties of his venom fang ? Does he have any sort of invincibility during, before, after it ?

What are the advenced techniques like option select and how to learn them?

I think that the priority is really high. It only seems invincible because it beats alot of non-invincible attacks.

Btw, you had asked in another thread another character for your teams


If you put morrigan on the team it has some pretty funny shit.(i toyed around with this team after hearing ricky used it)

morrigan and sakura throw into tron for 40% life, saks fk throw and morrigans fp throw.

Morrigan has easy-mode 75% damage combo, soul eraser or her other super.

Her rushdown with tron is also pretty good for a weaker character.

Cross-up with airdash fks+tron and high low with her airdash lp,…

Sakura is in the middle, morrigan only uses her meter in combo’s and she’s a decent battery so i usually transform into dark with the team.

Dark sakura’s ground combo’s do enough life on their own but,fkXXfireballXXsuperfireball is another easy mode 75% combo.

If she’s not dark basic sakura combo’s with tron do 60% pretty easy.

The team isn’t going to beat a whole terrible lot given the cheap shit nowadays but it has some tight gimmicks



probably one of my old posts but I’ve decided to not ask about teams if they are good or not because people said it depends of my style of play and what I want from the team and no one can really tell you it’s good for you. Anyways, I’ll try that morrigan team, only thing I don’t like is no venom somewhat anti air but soul eraser and tron OUCH ! Eh and I’m not big on using dark sakura unless I have a lot of extra meters, 5.

Is the jab version of the venom fang abuseable as in, no recovery time ? I have yet to be punished for abusing it unless I super jump and do it and cable happens to be jumping back with 3 meters…:confused:

Oh and I posted some weird combos in the general strategy section, fresh discovery. Two weird combos, I’ll probably get flamed or made fun of but check it out, maybe it’s been done before but I’m proud to have discovered it from scratch.


I use that same team (Venom.Sent/Cykes) 'cept I use Cyke’s AA to set up Venom Web with none of that fancy smanshy stuff. :lol:

BTW, word to the wise never use the FP. Venom Fang in the air cuz you can still get hit afterwards. Venom’s Jab Venom Fang cannot be punished if blocked even if GCed by a Cable!!!:smiley: :slight_smile:

HA HA HA!!! GOTCHA!!!:evil:

ps360+ problems
ps360+ problems

Hey white, you use venom also ? A fellow sakura and venom user :smiley: . Nowadays, all I see at my school, even for the newbies are teams with the top 4 in them -_-’. Mostly, team scrub or MSP, sigh.


Yep I use many low tier characters that I see have some sort of potential. Rogue (mainly), Sakura, Venom, Tron, and Jill. Also because I can also score wins with them better than I can with Magz or Storm. (Weird I know,):stuck_out_tongue: :lol:


hmmm you guys aint venom users lol. Come play me on kaillera and ill show you how its like to be a venom expert.


im not familair with this site but if u guys play MVSC online on kaillera i can play any of you any time or just aim me darkcloud5407 to see if you help with getting kaillera set and everything:)


first of all I can’t play for shit on keyboard. and I know on kaillera there ain’t no mvsc2, only the first one. In the first marvel, heck any character could beat anyone. But try playing venom in mvsc2 vs the top 4 with deadly assists and you’ll be in for an uphill battle.

Plus I hate people on kaillera, they taunt and brag about how they can do strider’s double jump air combo in the first marvel and act like they are the justin wong of the game.

In truth, first of all, unless you are playing with friends, you don’t ever taunt in a game in the arcades because you’ll be in for some serious ass woopin but on kaillera you have too many little kids behind their computer screen who feel all proud when they OCV someone and think they are good. Sure they have programmable pads and turbo controllers, it’s all fair…

second of all, I suck on keyboard and don’t mind losing but half of the people I play on kaillera think they are gods. I’m sorry but if you’re good and want to brag or even give yourself a title of being the best then go to a major tourney ,play in the arcades with actual arcade sticks and no gay ass (pardon the language)programmed 3p or 3k pads or keys.

Sorry for this venom unrelated post but I had to get this off my back because I lose my cool too much playing on the internet that I only play against friends now and sometimes vs strangers. It’s a pitty though because there is bad sportsmanship via internet arcade games when everyone should be glad that they have actual people to play and free credits. I’m not saying in any way that I am a good or a pro, in fact I’m mediocre at best, but to all those people who are proud taunters on kaillera, it’s almost certain you stay home playing on the internet all day because in real life, in the arcades, taunt = death if you’re not playing a friend.

Oh and hi Darkcloud, I hope you’re not one of those evil taunting people. I think I played you and you kicked my ass on the internet but at least you didn’t taunt me…I think:wtf:. Anyways, punish the people who taunt for me because I can’t play for shit on keyboard :lol:

I think I might as well add in a venom question . What is his most damaging possible combo. With or without assist set ups. Or is his main game keepaway/chip with Doom AAA ?

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Sup magentic and all you other venom fans but let me tell you ppl im really into venom on kaillera im like the only venom user that is good and i like to brag sometimes because all i see on kaillera is ppl using strider (Orbs) or wolvie but to be honest no lies i own all these lil guys but i like to brag when ppl seem to be or think there all that and I LOVE WHEN PPL UNDERESTIMATE VENOM. And Magnetic i have my replays of venom on kawaks into 1 file and i know for a fact i got some stuff you never seen b4 if you got aim it will be easier so i can send it there heres my aim if you want them or just to talk more about this darkcloud5407:)


his most damaging without doing my secret move is this while in the corner jump HP, Dash, Wp, Mk, into Deathbite = 20 hits and looks nice when doing it. My secret move is really amazing it can done after doing that 20 hit combo i wrote up there its an automatic kill if you ppl dont belive me ask for the replay i made and see for your own eyes. And i have MVSC2 on Ps2 but for some reason i dont like it that much the gameplay died in that game. The ppl are more balanced but still not the same as MVSC. And Venom is not the beast he was in part1 even though i can do some amazing stuff with him in part2, its not the same MVSC owns.:cool:


Venom or Red Venom ? Coz red venom has the infinites not normal venom in the first marvel. As for his 20 hit combo, keep that your little secret to show off. All I need in the first marvel are two characters, chun li air demon super and warmachine flying semi infinite :evil:

I don’t mind if you beat the crap out of people and act superior IF they seriously provoke you by talking trash prior to the match.


Guess what you might not believe me but Venom does have infinite i think and yes Regular Venom is who im talking about i almost got it right its actually very easy getting them in the corner thats about it but most inf need to be in the corner. Nah i dont talk trash after i win or lose i always say gg. But still if you wanna see what im talking about and maybe we can figure it out completly cause its almost there. And o yea u dont want the replays?


His venom fang is too good and it can also be done in the air.

Venom/Iceman/Cyc can give pretty much anyone a tough time IMO. You just have to be able to time normals and turtle a bit.


this is mvc2 talk…

and are you on k2o?


MVSC1 and 2 who cares dont tell me k2o is that n00b clan on kaillera you mean? Nope im on Xteam and if you think you can beat me or what not just aim me and ill show you some new shit lol. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:


I’m bored so IM me on AIM at skylancer15. I go by the name Ide Yo oragon on kaillera = the whiny kid who complains about not being able to play on keyboard but claims to be able to take em on in the arcades :slight_smile:


Remember that you can set up Venom Web from the first hit of Venom Rush. :slight_smile:


Venom infinite???

I dont want to sound stupid but a guy told me there was a venom infinite i want to know if there really is a infinite for venom if not cna u guys post any advance combos for venom. thanks

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