Venom: Resets & Throw Setups?

If anybody has resets for Venom, please share. I know its easy to combo off of punch throw, so there SHOULD be a combo that leads into a throw setup, but I can’t seem to find anything.

Right now, I’m using, XX Death Bite as my B&B. Usually that’s set up by tic-throw (punch).

Also, I have issues w/ Cable & Sent ground keepaway. Specifically, jumpback HP + assist and viper beam, and laser + assist XX drones. I know it’s basic crap, but I don’t have a good solution w/ Venom. His low-block sprite is too tall and I get crossed up/airthrown/unblockabled when I try to SJ past it. Any other matchup specific stuff would be good too, although I think I got Mag/Storm matchups down pretty well.

Also, any good assist un-combos would be great, as Venom sometimes gets the opportunity to snapback when their assist is out.

You do? Mags rapes me. I have the same issues with Venom as I do with Rogue when facing Mags. There’s always too much stuff on the ground to approach by land, and the second I take to air, Mags has a hypergrav coming my way.

Whenever I do land a grab, it’s due to aggression, normally set up by jab venom fangs. Look at it through their perspective: what is going to keep them on the ground long enough to allow you to land a grab? Jab fangs + rocks, then a tick throw may work, but you’ve still go your work cut out for ya.

Man, it was so much easier landing grabs in MvC1. BRING BACK RED VENOM!!


I have a friend who plays Mag that way. So ghetto :lol: I use Venom/Sent, I use Sent-Y against Mag. That helps a lot. Basic + Sent XX LP Fang is a tough stop for Mag and lets you get on top of him. I find that Doom-B prevents throw setups because it just lasts too long. I use Tron instead, she give me damage and better ability to tic throws w/ the same space coverage. I also like Storm-A, it works for comboing Venom Web & covers HP Fangs so you can use those a little. So many good assists w/ Venom.

Seriously though, Venom/Tron is mid-tier goodness. Everything combos together loads of damage.