Venom Rush Down

Hey i found Venoms bootleg air dash with his web is pretty dame
good if canceld early and I have had some success with him so far.

When he is teamed with doom he becomes a chip monster…

If anyone has any comments on Venom feel free to post,
especially if you have any combos besides, Magic Series
Venom Fang or trip OTG with his other symbiote move…
(sorry I dont recall the name)

My Team: Venom/Ironman/Doom

Any help with venom will be appreciated, and looking at past threads didnt help to much seeing as how they are very old,
so please dont flame me…


also, yo know Shuma’s jump glitch where if shuma ends an air attack with a kick, shuma still gets an extra action (no guardbreak)…

Venom can do it too. dunno how old that is tho, cuz i just found that out over the summer

Venom stuff

Yeah I would really like to get some input on venom, cause venom
is not that bad, magneto couldnt rush me down with doom as a
AA on my side and venoms reach and venom fang…

are you talkin about venom’s launch cancel , with his venom web

ya i mastered that,



Yeah its not that hard to master the web swing in the air, then quickly canceling into a combo before the web is even visible,
enabeling you to rush down magneto style, I just use lk,lk to rush
down from the web swing. (very effective)

Venom backed up with doom is pretty insane, I played a couple of good magneto players and they couldnt get in on me, and i
saw the old venom thread and learned how to stop storm from
going into her random hail storms, granted that she doesnt make
you block a typhoon first.

I just venom web that shit and I am now invincible from her assists attack, the past threads were right though, sentinal has
a hard time getting in on venom because of his reach and Doom
and his Venom fang…

hey shenakuma do you have any good combos for venom
besides the regulars?? (it would be much appreciated)

Team: Venom/Ironman/Doom:cool:

yea, venom doom is nasty, first arcade team i used seriously…


this is a pain team… Cable/Veom is just anoying, cuz venom’s so fast he’ll take out rush, then you just AHVB that ish… it’s great…

Cable/Doom for keepaway… Venom/Doom chipping, then you got your all purpose AAA… it’s a real nice team…,, call doom, sj.1234 end w/ fierce, fall, doom hits, xx sj. lk xx HP Venom Fang… nice combo…, + cable AAA xx web throw, 50 damage, no super, not bad…

oh yea, in the corner w/ venom/doom, if you catch an assist, and you should. you can juggle the assist by timing venom fangs as they fall and calling doom, you cna keep the “trap” going while you jugge the assist away…

Cable/Venom combo…, dash in,, + venom xx SJ HP, fall down w/ dead body XX AHVB close to ground… 1 AHVB does over 90 damage, so you should be able to kill most chars in 2

easy to do too


that trap sounds pretty sweet, i gotta try that one out…

thanks for the help, anyone else’s input on this thread would be
welcome and much appreciated also…

And yes people Venom CAN rush that shit down!


well the “trap” is more or less making sure you keep them in blockstun while calling doom and keep chipping w/ LP venom fangs, after doom ends, do like a LP venom fang, land,, + doom and keep it going or jump in w/ a and then go into a ground chain, and call doom after the 2nd hit or so…

it’s very PB’able…so if they do, you just gotta be ready to attack w/ or a quick SJ back HP venom fang

I hate Venom/Doom, Venom/Sent is way better IMO.:o

I use Venom/Sent/Cyke cuz Venom can set up Venom Web off Cyke’s AA the DHC into Sent’s HSF into AC for mucho damage. Venom Fang also has zero recovery time, nada so as long you make contact with your opponent they cannot counterattack you.

Also Venom’s S.HK can stop Sent’s stomping and Mag’s Tri-jumping. Venom S.FP also stops dash ins. You can dash under Cable’s air Viper Beam if it is fairly high. If your opponent gets hit with FP.Venom Fang is midair they can still hit you afterwards.

Last but not least Venom’s Venom Rush (1st hit) can combo into Venom Web!!!:evil:


ya , i got some nasty assists with venom and doom, i dont type them out in real moves but in the name moves,
ok try this (it cheap and i dont know if its tournament illegal), high venom splash, doom assist, low venom slpash, low venom splash, doom assist, low venom splash, low venom splash, doom assist, repeat those last three moves over and over.

you gotta be seriously fast with it, (not hard if your a venom player), it doesnt matter if the oponent is blocking or not, it will cause block damage easily(if blocking of course, but they cannot get out of it no matter what they try) and if they try to get out they just get smashed, and it starts over, heh, but i dont know if this will work against iceman because i heard he has no gaurd damage to him.

and the venom/sentinal will work too but i recomened the venom/doom assist

i really like landin the launch cancel venom web, like a taunt, :slight_smile:

<~~~~~~~~higher venom

Re: Venom

Iceman’s fucked if he gets pinned [I’m assuming it works as well as you say on faith until I test it out…]. It’s all physical so he’s gonna be chipped by EVERYTHING in that trap.


I got to try that one too shen

I gotta try that one out too, but I looked at the past threads
and they said that you can do a magic series in the corner and then you can end it with fk, then jump back up and lk, fk again…
(that one works but they said you can get more hits after that but
I cant seem to hit them any more before they recover)

One I like is web swing cancel into lk, lk, land, dash in a little,,, lk venom …

And yeah iceman is fucked cause he can only recieve non chip damage with beams…

Any resets people??

And i know you can do launch, sj.lp,, sj.lp, wait, then sj.lp,, sj.lp, venom fang, but that shit doesnt work, are the older threads wrong??

And today i got my ass wooped against tron/ charlie/ doom,
maybe I suck or something, taking storm and sentinal , but cant take out that team above???:confused: :confused:

He was pretty good, when i called out doom he would sometimes have doom out and jump with his doom and photon array into
DHC into something else, in other words he would just wait for my assist to come out while rushing down with charlie and use tron to beat the shit out of me with her assist (project)

I think maybe I was too predictable that time or something
any help people…? :frowning:


I got to try that one too shen

ya, i used that before, takes too long to me, it works sometimes, but im aobut quickness, cheh^_^

How do you the trap with Venon+Doom against someone who use antiair assist like Ken?

How about this team: Venon/Doom/Blackice?
How about this team: Juggernaut/Venon/Doom?

Venom tron is retarded, everything he does just combo’s into tron, ground throw, airthrow, his snapback is retarded, drop tron and move:p

attempts to resurrect thread
so…venom- tryed playing with him, he seems kinda cool… can some1 tell me wat this web cancel thing is every1s talking about? sounds like itd b kinda helpful to know
also, any venom/ sent [y] combos? im trying that out cuz even though i like how venom and doom work, i cant play doom on point at all… even my crappy sent is better :lol:
thanx in advance…

not sure as well what is the web cancel thing

Yeah, unless he’s referring to Venom Rush cancel.

it sounds like canceling his dash(webswing) to an attack. such as hk or something. thats what my guess is