Venom / Silver Samurai

Anyone else tried this?

Silver Samurai needs meter, and Venom builds it like crazy.

venom and samurai works

Yo Mal, I tried using that team recently Venom (expansion), samurai (projectile) and doom (rocks). I started off the match with venom and I just rushed them down like crazy /built meter with doctor doom’s rocks assist. just rushin down with repeated venom splash and dooms rocks. that team is crazy, doom and venom, cuz venom is pretty quick for a big guy and has quick and powerful attacks AND a air dash. you get some good mixups if you call doom then do crouching lk twice with venom then jump and dash cancel into fierce right away thats an instant overhead, becuz theyll probably still be blocking low, in block stun from dooms rocks.

I beat this good player who had storm sentinel and psylocke with this team last week. It was easy to rush down sent with venom cuz he’s fast. you can keep pressuring with venom splashs cuz dooms rocks cover you. basically, with samurai on point, every time the guy called out psylocke i did lighting sword super (you know, samurai’s Assist Killa super that you can mash for more damage). i did like two of those supers and killed pyslocke. that made the match much easier and less annoying because there was no more psylocke.

doom’s rocks are perfect cuz they juggle the other guys assist character and/ or point character in the air so you can connect the qcf+2k lightning super. the good thing about this team is that venom, samurai and doom all take damage well. sam takes like 93 percent and venom does too, and i think doom takes around 87 percent.

you can do some nasty chip by calling doom when right next to them then do samurai’s projectile (qcf+p) which has good chip and then doing the projectile super which does a lot of chip (qcf+2p) basically doom and venom and the batteries of this team, and samurai is the meter hog. just don’t do sword power up supers by accident, they waste meter, especially fire power up, it really brings sam’s defense down to akuma/servbot-type stamina. :tdown:

I tried out your team suggestion - and I like it!

One thing I find a little confusing though is why you’d EVER fight Silver Samurai on point (i.e. first). With Silver Samurai, the one meter you get at the start of the match shouldn’t last very long, and all the Samurai is after that meter is gone is smoked meat.

Also, seeing as how you and I seem to be the only two crazy enough to try to play Silver Samurai, what do you think about chaining Raiminken in from a c.HK?

This seems better than the old LK-MKxxRaiminken move in that it doesn’t take nearly as much setup and can be worked very effectively with Doom’s AA - most people block that one high, and a nice tripxxRaiminken does a hellacious amount of damage - especially if you mash it. :devil:

I tried out your team suggestion - and I like it!

One thing I find a little confusing though is why you’d EVER fight Silver Samurai on point (i.e. first). With Silver Samurai, the one meter you get at the start of the match shouldn’t last very long, and all the Samurai is after that meter is gone is smoked meat.QUOTE]

I didn’t say I start samurai on point. i said i start VENOM on point, i guess you misread what i wrote. I start venom and build meter with him cuz hes a good battery for samurai. I played with that team again yesterday and won against this guy who was playing team scrub. It’s funny cuz everytime the guy called commando AA assist i’d call doom, and doom’s rocks would hit commando a split second before he did the captain corridor assist. :karate: With venom, i just called doom did fierce venom splash and then tiger knee jab venom splash and was covered by the rocks (splashes do good chip too). And everytime he tried to punish my doom assist with hailstorm super, i did fierce venom splash to hit storm before the super could start up. Also fierce venom splash when superjumping is good to bring down runaway storm or flying sentinels. DON’T try to do Venom web super when you’re calling out doom. :tdown: I actually caught em in the web and was starting the super but doom’s rock hit them out of it :tdown:

As far as Samurai I thought that you could setup up Rameiken with crouching HP (launcher), and crouching HK (OTG). I didn’t really know about lk, mk setup. You’re right, crouching HK+dooms rocks XX ramekein, would work, when you trip people and call doom at same time they usually don’t have enough time to roll.

another good team you might want to try is ruby heart(AA)/Samurai(ground or proj)/ doom (AA). (in that exact order)]\ Ruby can run some nasty chipping traps with doom assist. almost as good as strider doom trap and without using meter. just get close and call doom do qcf lk (or qcf HK if theyre farther). then do lk mk to keep em in blockstun, call doom do qcb+lk (the move where the ghost comes out) just dont get hit before the ghost comes out ( it has long startup). With Ruby (+doom rocks) it’s almost like you can cancel special moves into other special moves because they have quick recovery. do qcf lk XX crouching HK + rocks + XXqcflk XX qcb lk. for a whole bunch of meter :karate:
that ghost, if it connects, actually sucks away meter from your opponent (cable’s worst nightmare) :karate: with ruby +doom you can do a really good job of filling the screen up with shit (that chips :karate: ) you don’t even have to try to do her bread and butter combos just build meter and fill the screen up with water waves, ghosts, rocks, and other shit :karate: . then you can mix it up with crouching HK trip (ruby’s whip, which has really far range) + doom assist. Also to cross up/get closer to them do qcf jab. Also if you want to superjump and build meter, you can do sj HK like 5 or 6 times (don’t ever do sj HP to build meter it has long lag and can only be done once per superjump)
and if they don’t roll after trip do qcf lk. the qcf lk move (Schwartzaille) chips and also is like a shield from projectiles. If someone throws a fireball do the move and it will nullify the projectile.

The reason, other than meter building, that ruby goes with samurai is that ruby has an instant startup super. QCF+2P. it’s quick and can suprise your opponent. If you have 3 or more meter, i suggest you DHC right after you connect with rubys super into Rameiken. Even if you don’t connect but their assist is on screen, do it. This is really good if you hit the assist character and DHC right away or sometimes you can cross up their point character with this trick. that’s why samurai should be second because of this instant dhc. it can used they way magneto players use tempest. also, if you happen to connect with jumpin fierce or standing fierce,(the anvil, it has long reach) you can cancel into QCF+2P it will connect then DHC into rameiken. or on the ground you can do crouching lk, mk or lp, mp XX QCF+2P super XX rameiken, mash like hell :badboy:

Ah, shoot I did. I’m sorry about that.

One thing I caution you upon is doing Fierce Venom Splashes - be very careful with those, in fact I’d recommend doing them only when you’re sure your opponent won’t push-block (i.e. when being hit by Doom’s rocks). If you get pushed, or whiff it, wave bye-bye to Venom - the lag on that move isn’t all that bad, but it’s still a heap too slow to be able to miss.

Ruby Heart’s a nice idea… hmm… I’ll have to get back to you on that. I used to play with her a little, I may still have a few of the, er, ahem, “mad skillz” if I may be permitted the XBLL speak.

From what I remember about Ruby though, it still seems that Venom is the better option… though they play so totally different from each other (Venom and Ruby Heart, I mean) that it might be a good idea to swap them out depending upon your opponent? They both are pretty good batteries.

One thing before I forget - Silver Samurai’s launcher isn’t all that great - it’s a lot safer to go for the c.hkxxRaiminken. If you whiff the launcher, there’s a noticeable lag before you can start to block again.

I guess Silver Samurai’s entire playing strategy is summed up in two words - don’t miss.

(EDIT: I’ve grown to dislike the “can surprise your opponent” moves. It may just be me, but they never seem to surprise my opponents…)

yea venom and ruby are both good batteries, but ruby’s more versatile IMO. first of all she’s got a instant startup super than can be done in the air, (venom doesn’t have any air supers). In my opinion, that’s a big benefit, characters like jin can’t do special moves or supers in the air so they can’t do air combos into supers and DHC into something else, and that makes them not as good. This doesn’t mean anybody who don’t got a air super sucks. Rogue can be hard as hell to deal with and damaging and she doesn’t have air supers, and other characters too. I just think air supers make the character more versatile.

Venom doesn’t have any projectiles that you can use to build meter or keep away/chip.He’s gotta be up in their face to do damage, just like ken or colossus. ruby has several ways to keepaway, shes got the water wave move qcf+lk, then ghost move (qcb+lk), her sweep (the whip, it has like half the screen in range), and she has 4 supers (only 2 are really comboable). And shes got a good anti air assist(that I use to setup iron man’s infinite btw). venom has only two special moves but you only need to use one (venom splash),with doom rocks backing you up, you can’t use venom bite (qcf+k) because the lack will get you killed. Venom Web isn’t easy to combo into, unlike ruby’s super’s (all you is lk, lk then push A1 and A2 for a damaging team super or lk,lk qcf+2K or qcf+2P). the main reason that ruby/sam is good is all about qcf+2P DHC into Rameiken when you opponent messes up. Or you can DHC into Proton Cannon, headcrush, Hyper Sentinel Force;etc.

True, Ryby is much more versatile - but I still think she dies too fast. Seems like one good air combo and down she goes.

There’s gotta be a better battery out there… though if we can’t find one I’m certainly willing to say that Ruby/Samurai is a better idea than Venom/Samurai.

What do you think of Dhalsim/Samurai? Ol’ Sim sure meters well.

If you want battery, the best character you could pick is spiral. i mean, she does some nasty chip damage and if they run away she can teleport right on top on them to continue chipping em, everytime you do the dancing swords move and standing fierce or lp then teleport, you build up a whole bunch of meter. that teleport is good also because it can go in like 7 or 8 places on the screen, and because it can be used to escape supers( like one time i saw someone teleport right as the other person’s storm did hailstorm and spiral only got hit by like the last two hits of the super). spiral+doom assist chips like hell/build ups meter for samurai.

As far as dhalsim, if you thought ruby’s stamina was bad, this guy’s stamina is worse. her stamina is average (100 % , just like cable, commando, cyclops etc.), but sim has like 120 or something like that. but he is good meter/ runaway chracter. it can really piss of whoever your playing if you superjump fierce XXyoga fire air dash up then teleport then yoga fire, air dash, then teleport, repeat :karate: . I did that one time, and the guy i was playing was just shaking his head and was obviously pissed the hell off because he couldnt reach me up there and chip me with his iron man unibeams. :clap:

You can build meter and runaway because his air dash resets after every teleport so you can be up there forever. you have to be good with doing dragon punches though, because that’s the motion for the teleport (don’t do flight mode by accident)

True, Spiral batteries the best.

I gave Ruby/SS some practice time today, and I personally can’t play it but I think in anyone else’s hands it would be killer. I just can’t seem to mentally switch over from Ruby’s faster-paced game to Samurai’s much slower one. I keep trying to do Ruby’s air comboes with Silver Samurai.

You seem to know more of the statistical side than I do - how’s Sabretooth’s stamina?

If you confuse ruby’s air combos with Sam, just remember this: Samurai’s air combo that you should go for if you launch em is just the standard dial-a-combo ( magic series: 1234, roundhouse or fierce) or if you wanna get fancy you do 1234 then jab or fierce projectile (qcf+p) remember that he doesn’t have a air super (unlike ruby), unless you do the one of the sword power ups( i can’t remember which one, but if you power up you can do projectile super in air). most of the time you shouldn’t be tryin to get into air combos with samurai cuz his launcher has bad lag , and cuz most of the damage he does is based on the ground (like his Assist Killa super

As far as Sabretooth’s stamina, his stamina is 106 % which is a little bit below average ( average is 100 percent). Other characaters that have 106 % stamina include storm, magneto, ken,megaman, and some others. Sabretooth is good battery, but IMO hes like a weaker version of venom.
At least venom has air dash and special move he can do in the air, 'tooth does have a triangle jump (jump off wall like chunli) but he doesn’t have any air special can superjump and do like 4 or 5 fierces to build meter, though. his expansion assist is almost top tier, it has a delay before it comes out (and starts off at the edge of the screen, not next to you) but it is good because if it connects the other guy is just hangin in the air long enough for you to launch and do big air comboes with storm, mag; etc. or you can setup IM’s infinite with sabretooth exp. assist (i use it sometimes). Also one time i was playing with ken on point and everytime they did a move with lag, i called tooth exp. and he knocked em up in the air above ken then i did shinryuken super with ken(did this like 3 times in the match :karate: )
i think venom are tooth are almost like the same characters because they are both big guys who don’t have super armor, and they both are up close fighters( they can’t get into a fireball or projectile fight with iceman, cable, ryu :etc) but venom has ABOVE average stamina, and tooth got BELOW avg defense, that could make a difference. Also, tooth’s move could really mess you up if whiffed, they have either long lag or long startup.

Could you possibly chain in a Capture assist (Magneto’s would probably work best, I think) into a ground chain? It looks like you could time the assist to hit right after Samurai’s launcher.

CapturexxRaimeiken ? >=)

Yo Mal, I think you probably could. Maybe jumpin fierce +ruby heart capture assist, then lk,mk, crouching hp(launcher) maybe that would connect( or you could do, lk, crouching hp (skip the mk). I ain’t tried that out yet, but it probably could work cuz samurai’s launcher is weird, the angle that it launches is not straight up, they go up at like a 45 degree angle away from sam( that’s like the angle that the ruby capture assist is going. That combo sounds like a good idea (and a lotta damage)

You can do some nice stuff with ruby capture assist. I’ve seen combo videos where you can do unmashable gamma crushs with hulk and one combo where the guy did captain sword, then they got hit by the capture assist then he did another captain sword with commando.

I seem to recall seeing one involving Venom where it was your normal GCxxlaunchxxAC into Ruby’s capture into Death Bite… hmm. Something to investigate.

I’m currently trying to find a way to effectively play SS when on the ground, as he’s got no air. He can do some pretty fair crossups though, if he tricks the opponent into blocking a sword slash, cancels into Doom, then jumps to the other side.