Venom Vs. Top teir thread

Venom Vs. Top teir thread (updated)

Always use him last and use his Venom bite for assist.

Venom bite is great Vs. Sent and Mag and Storm or anyone trying to rush you down.

Venom Vs. Cable. use wave dash under his FP FP and combo his ass.
Also use air dash at the right time dont use it randomly. If thats a word.
Always stay on him he cant handle rush down.

Venom Vs. Sent. Well if your at the last match and its these two you can win with Venom use venom fang to get Sent out of the air. And if he trys to call Sent drones or Rocket punch or Lazer breath use DF+K move I forget wat is called.

Venom Vs. Storm. If she trys to jump use webthrow upwards. She trys to rush you down use Venom fang. When she runs away use air dash and venom bite it wont always work but its better then nothing.

Venom Vs. Cyc. Good Cyc players will rush you down. Use Venom fang alot and combos.

Venom Vs. Mag. Well lets say this is the last match Venom can win, use Venom fang when he trys to rush you down.

Venom Vs. Spiral. USE AIR DASH ALOT and rush down with venom fang and air combos.

Venom. Vs. doom HEHe this is were you can use wavedash alot vs doom. Air dash is good vs doom also before he jumps. Use Venom fang if he trys to combo u. And if you jump before he does air dash and wait till he jumps then venom fang and nock him down.

Venom vs. Blackheart also use wavedash to get under his demons and rush him down.

Venom does well with Sent because you can call Sent drones and airdash venom fang. Or air dash crossup.

Always use Venom last.

Heres a combo I like to do . LK,LK, kick super with Sent drone arms coming out, then you can do his kick super again you have to be fast though.

(NEW) Venom Vs. IronMan the best way to win is by wavedashing when he super jumps and rush him down. It shouldnt be to hard beating IM.

(NEW) Venom VS. Black heart. You can air dash under his demons when he super jumps. And use wavedash also to get past his demons.
to use Venom fang to nock him out of the air. Venom fang works best vs BH.

SJ xx Air Dash xx FK… if you do it real fast it’ll really annoy people

in the corner…
Launch - Magic Series - FK (land) (land)

I did play Venom VS Sent 1on1 and won every time he tried to get close venom fang.

Venom does well on Sentinel and it might actually be beneficial to play him first for this reason. Air Venom Fang combined with a good assist (Doom) keeps Sentinel from flying too much, and once you get him to the ground, more Venom Fang with Doom assist is a bit much for him to handle. Also, Venom’s air roundhouse tends to outprioritize whatever Sentinel can do in the air, and his air fierce beats Sentinel on the ground. You can also use Venom Rush from a distance (don’t rely on this, though). And remember, Venom’s snapback is HUGE. This is a very good strength of his, so use it.

Thanks for the reminder, I totally forgot about that.

Something weird happened vs the computer when I was using Cable on Venom that I think can be very useful when you want to use Venom. I require and am requesting secondary independent verification by another player of this.

I called Mags-a. Venom did a ground dash and tried to go under it. Seeing the ground dash I AHVB’d because I thought the EM Disrupter would hit for sure. I mean, he was deliberately dashing into it, wasn’t he?

Well, there’s good news, bad news, and worse news.

==The good news is…==
=Venom didn’t block the AHVB. I killed him for it.

==The Bad news is…==
=The EM Disrupter missed him completely. His dash made it completely miss. Had he blocked the AHVB, he could have saved himself.

==The worse news is…==
=Had that been a player, he might have called something to take me out of the HVB.

==Examples of bad things that could easily have happened to me…:==
-He could have called an AA like Ken-a, then air comboed us both.
-He was in range that Psyolcke could have hit. This means he could have double snapped, then venom fanged my Magneto assist…]

If it is true that Venom can ground dash under EM Disrupters, Cable loses one of his best assists. You CAN shoot players for getting hit by this on reaction. If Venom can ground dash past the EM Disrupter, he might even be able to wavedash under it. Also, I see no difference in height between his ducking lp and his ground dash meaning he might even be able to combo you under it.

I might do a secondary verification of this, or maybe you can do one, but it’s a very safe bet that Venom can ground dash under the EM Disrupter assist. The timing might be a bitch though.

Final confirmation recieved from Ratio1Beatdown. Venom’s ground dash evades EM Disrupters.

Someone needs to put up some sweet Venom videos on Youtube.


Secondary confirmation of dashing under EM Disrupter with Venom confirmed. Need Wavedash confirmation. Need ducking lp under EM Disrupter without getting hit confirmation.

wavedash under EM disruptor yes ducking lp no unless im timing it wrong. and i second putting venom vids up on youtube i been tryin to find some mvc2 venom vets on there with no luck just old mvc1 vids that i almost have memorized to my head.

That’s a good start. If you can wavedash under the EM disrupter, then doing one of the following isn’t out of the question…
1]hit the recovery with the ducking lp, then combo it into an assist or snap
-Wait till the beam’s hit-box dissipates enough for the disrupter assist that you can safely lp it
2]just use the d-lp to hit the assist aborting the sprite allowing you to get closer.
-You might be able to sj cancel the lp, and try to triangle jump them
3]drop an assist to destroy it without losing momentum.
-Use the assist as a tick to set up a throw, and combo into the venom bite super getting them in the corner
-Reverse aim the throw so if they tech hit, they can’t AHVB your assist without you clearing the area.

Need confirmation of if you can wavedash under and combine it with the ducking lp without eating the EM disrupter. This is slightly different than ducking lp under the assist as the hit-box might change during the latter half of the EM-Disrupter beam. In addition, your position and distance might have an effect on things.

That said, wavedash under without getting hit might be enough.

I think it is possible to reset in the corner if you launch /\LP,LK,MP,MK,HK/standing HK from there:

  1. crouching LK, standing MP/\repeat.
  2. jump, airdash LK,MK/crouching LK, standing MP/\repeat.
  3. HP throw, LP,MP or HK throw, downforward HP /\repeat.
    I have not tried this against another player but it should work, also if you have Psylocke as an assist you could also call her then do an instant overhead jumping LK / OTG LK,MP/\ repeat but they can roll after psylocke hits them.

Its a little offtopic, but where can I find info on doing Venom’s fly-away glitch and all that other stuff with BBHood?

Minor necromancy, but I feel the urge to comment on my boy.

Venom does pretty bad against most of the tops, but he absolutely KILLS Sent in an even match and can put the fear of Fang in Cable or Magneto if you’ve gotten rid of the AAA.

AAA is the biggest problem with Venom’s game- invincible ones can scare away both Venom and Doom (You’re using Doom, right? If not, I’d go back and rethink using Venom, too.) and even non-invincible ones can stuff random Fang lockdown attempts, unless they run into Doom first. And without Fang Lock/Rushdown, Venom’s rather toothless as a threat, especially if they can beat you air-to-air.

This is where Venom’s other huge advantage comes in- his godly Snapback.

I’m willing to be quoted in saying that Venom has the best snapback in the game- he can use it from over half a screen and it comes out really, really fast. Basically, if you’re not doing it into a visible projectile, it’s gonna hit. Since Venom NEEDS to kill the primary AAA in order to be worth anything on the field of battle, guess what priority 1 is for a Venom-centric team?

Yep- land a snapback and kill them dead.

Easier said then done, though- Spiral’ll give you fits to get a window to do anything (Venom dies to people who control horizontal space better then him + Doom, although V/D/Ruby can stalemate Spiral), Storm won’t play fair at all and spend most of her time hovering out of reach, and Cable knows better then to be in Fang range anyways, forget snapback.

Venom’s other main problem is that he’s useless in the back- none of Venom’s assists are going to cut mustand on his standard teams (Doom, Cyke, Sent, CapCom, and Ruby all fail to make use of Venom Fang assist, by far his best one), and he’s a character who has to be picky about who he fights up front- a bad combo.

This all adds up to Venom being a mid-carder at best- if it were just ‘snapback in AAA, easy nuff’, Venom/Doom’d be a scary, nasty beast. As it is, his best use is as a Sent counter- he’s huge, he’s slow on the attack, and he’s horrifically weak to Fang in ways I wish most of the remaining cast was. Keep the pressure on, watch for the AAA, and basically keep the poor guy trapped in his corner- stupidly-easy for Venom, since Sent can’t escape without resorting to Fly, which’ll get Fang’d/jump RK’d on sight.

I normally go for Venom/Doom/Cyke, or u can use Sent over Cyke , But then again i been screwin around with the Cyke in the mix.