Venom web properties

so i was at the arcade playing the computer (some team with venom). Then when im facing venom i do a hyper megaman super from full screen and he does his venom web i and got cought in it.

I also saw this video where a venom web beat out a capitain sword.

is there like some part of the super where he’s invincble? :confused:

he’s not invincible, at all.

he web is a projectile if you hit the projectile it won’t hurt venom, the web itself is un-negatable it only goes away if you hit venom.

basically venom flashes for a bit, jumps up and does a web that covers most of the normal jump screen, that web is like a full screen projectile but if he’s hit it goes away.

He may be invincible after the web connects i’m not really sure, but i do know during the start up he’s completely vulnerable and if it is blocked he is vulnerable on the way down.


hmmm… i dun wanna make a new thread so i’ll just post here… can anyone tell me the best venom combos? or what venom is best at? you know… like a venom guide or some like that… thanks!

easy venom super combo: does good damage: standing lk, standing lk XX qcf+2K

also, standing lp, standing lp, half circle back+fierce , thats the web throw combo

if you want a good venom team, venom/doom is the place to start. you can cross em up with venom’s air dash while calling doom rocks (anti air) assist and do tiger knee jab venom splash (down,down-forwar, forward,up-forward+ jab). this “strategy” does a lot of chip damage, and its pretty safe if you cross em up, and if they move and stop blockin, theyll get hit from behind by the rocks and by the venom splash. then, for the middle character on your team u can use someone who needs meter, like cable or sentinel, venom builds a lot of meter for them.

also, if they are in the corner do this air combo if you launch

em, jab short jab short roundhouse, another roundhouse then jump and do roundhouse.thats a nice combo and it takes off a lot of life.

hmm… thanks alot dude, but im not that sure i understand it…
jab=lp, short=lk, roundhouse=hk?
so if im right it wud like like dis ryt?
lp, lp, Sjump, lp, lk, lp, lk, fk, hold forward, fk… then the jump thing i dont understand…
ow, for the first 2 combos, thanks… i wonder y i didnt think of them… mayb coz me a noob… hihih…

sorry if the combo wasnt clear. its a weird combo. im not exactly sure but after lp,lk,lp,lk, you do fk which causes flying screen. then you do another fk, push the button again, youll be under them, then when you land do a regular jump and push fk.

oh i c! thanks man…! but just 1 thing i have to make sure of if u don mind…:slight_smile: all those fk’s hit the enemy ryt? or are some used to sort of like prepare venom and put him in the ryt position or someting like dat? sori for my noobness… hihihih… thanks man!

corner -, land, s.lp,, sj., sj.[lp, lk, mp, mk, hk], land, j.[lk, pause, hk], j. hk

thats the combo,i typed it wrong the other day. tikwe you should check out the other threads for Venom, theres other help and more combos for venom, just click on venom’s name and the little window that says “from the last day”, change into to from the “Beginning”, so you can look at all the Venom threads.

My Venom will be perfect by Evo:devil:

When Im capable I will post vids of Venom and
Hood…in casuals anyway, but my friends are always tied up so I cant use their equipment.

wow! thanks alot man…! ur da best! hihih…

A little thing I invented not too long ago. It is well known you can offensive crouch launch after the roundhouse throw in the corner. What is not known is that afterwards, if you OTG them with a standing low kick after the throw, you can throw them again. So basically, HK throw, OTG lk, HK throw, launch, air combo.

You can also do sick crossups if you call the Doom assist and do the HK throw at the same time.

Want anymore tips, just ask.

also you can turn venoms basic air combo into a corner infinite. do his normal like so

launch (cf. lp or s. lp, s. lp), lp, lk, lp, lk, hk

that sends them into fly screen and since your in the corner you can do another hk before you land. when they land do a c. lp and then a s. lp and then repeat it all over. it works real well if you have a good AAA assist like doom or capcom and it does pretty good damage so it shouldnt take long.

so the commands should look like this

launch, ^, magic series, sj. hk, sj. hk, land, c. lp, s. lp, ^ [magic series, sj. hk, sj. hk, land c. lp, s. lp]

Since it does flying screen in the corner you can’t launch them again. Trust me, been there, tried it. You can however go for the HK throw and do it over and over again with resets and variations with Doom’s rocks for chip.

You can launch, you just can’t follow them afterwards… sorry, minor nitpick :slight_smile:

oh then maybe i otg’d them im not sure then but i do it all the time id show you a video if i was able to get my computer back to working properly. im at the library right now.