Well he’s In Marvel so I’ll go ahead and post it up:D

Here is a pic of Venom I did today between classes. I’m looking for only serious crits on this if possible. I don’t wanna hear any “you suck stop drawing” crits, I only want the stuff that can help me out. (harsh is cool, being a jerk isnt :bluu:

Right now the major thing I see wrong with it is that he doesn’t look action packed enough :confused: He’s just kinda sitting there looking creepy:lol: any ideas other than that?

Anyway lemme know what you think.


maaannnnn…i just drew an awesome carnage but i have no scanner so i cant put it up:( …

your venom is cool.Sorry but i cant really think of anything to help you out right now


I don’t really like the face, it look like you drew the body and someone else came and did the face or something. Dig the “water colourish” colours though.


venoms’ head is kinda small, and he is a bit buffer, everything else is okay.


One more thing, venom has a huge nasty ass tounge, I mean its a girls dream to be eaten out of by it.


This doesn’t make any sense. If he made his head bigger and made him buffer, wouldn’t he be at the same state as of now? Or do you mean being more shredded or ripped?

Anyways. I think you should make him more hunched and make his symbyote( however you spell it) flow with him more. His tongue should go from thick to thin and in your case you have it from thixk to thin back to thick which represents no flow. Overall i think you have great anatomy skill and can definitely draw. Just kick it up a notch. Good stuff. Here is an attachment to help you out.


Really nice job…I’ll critique it, but I’m sure you know some of thise already…anyways, I’m not going to critique it too much since you did say that you did this between classes, and that is pretty good…
Anyways here goes…
You could play with perspective a little bit more with the symbiote, having some “symbiotes” be really close in the camera while others are a little farther away, and possibly make the symbiotes a little more 3d like what you did with venom…that’s pretty much all my beef with the drawing, well, actually its not beef–the drawing is nice…by the way, what was your medium(i.e…paint, paper) howdid you color it? I was wondering, have you tried digital coloring? I dunno, I’ve recently started to get into that, even though I do not draw well or even know how to color…lol…but yeah…so how was my critique?
keep drawin
-The Geese


I meant more ripped, and bigger head is the wrong term, the thing is when your tounge is bigger and longer the jaw bone would follow,


Yeah thats more or less what I had in mind when I said it wasn’t “action packed” enough as it is now. It does make sense to give the tounge costume more flow, But I forgot all about that when I did that…gah! :lol:

To other peeps: I didn’t think the head was too small, but I’ve gotten a lot of feedback saying otherwise so I guess I’m wrong :o :lol:

GeeseHoward: I did the whole thing (sketches and all in a program called OpenCanvas 1.1 It’s like the poor mans painter:p

Appreciate the responses people :smiley: