Ventrilo for PC players?

does anyone have a vent channel. i think it would be a good idea for pc players to gather together, discuss strategies,matchups, sparring partners, and find games. everyone knows the mic chat feature for sf4 sux. A vent channel for people to just simply get better.

I don’t like alt+tabbing to go find a game in mirc chats. anyways. umm i cant use the search function for srk so i googled "ventrilo sf4"and found this dude who has a vent channel who seems like he doesn’t care if ppl use his vent server. i guess tell him we saw his post on oz hadou? haha
port: 5012
pw: squeal4

this is a good idea

the bigger the community the better. would be nice to just log on a vent channel with at least someone always on there to play matches and discuss strategies while playing since the game voice chat sux.

You know what sucks though? GFWL totally screws up your mic’s quality when you’re in game, so we’ll all sound like shit when we’re playing.
I have ventrilo though, and I’d be up for it…


Ventrilo, hell Teamspeak is loads better than the in-game option.

If you’re talking about quality, we wont have a choice. It’s screwed up royally.
Do this. Record yourself talking in audacity or sound recorder or something.
Start the game (windowed), and while the game is running, record yourself talking.

Compare the 2. It screws up your mic for all apps, because somewhere, GFWL changes a codec.

edit: This depends on what you have recording device set to. I got a crappy webcam that had a mic in it, and switched GFWL’s recording device to
the webcam. My regular mic’s quality went back to normal. thank god.

Seems like the vent server is empty.

We at SF4PRC use the Steam clients built in chat to discuss strats and give tips to other players, as well as organising our tournaments.

The problem with a Vent server is 20 ppl all trying to talk over one another, Steam also has a voice chat option but for the reason above we find it better just to type.