Ventrilo Server

The old TeamSpeak server didn’t go over too well, so I put up a Ventrilo server on It makes playing online a lot more fun when you can yell profanities at the other people! :pleased: port 3784

More info:

I thought teamspeak worked great, I used it a few times with the few people that joined the server. But i guess the only way people are gonna use these features is if they are intergrated in the kaillera client itself.

Yea, it worked, but it’s just like the same way everybody still uses Mame32k 0.64, because everybody still uses Mame32k 0.64… More people have Ventrilo downloaded, so it should be a little more widely accepted.

Ventrilo actually works better then Teamspeak, it’s a bit clearer and easier to use.