Ventura County Street Fighter 4 Players Thread


im wondering how many Sf4 players live here in VC. I know most of the action happens mostly to the south with our friends down in the LA area, and if your in VC not only can that be a long drive, but kinda intimidating if you’ve never been if you dont know anyone. well a few buddies of mine try to get together about once a week and get a good session in. If you live in the area and would like to join us you are more than welcome, so long as

  1. You’re there to learn
  2. Your not a dick and wont freak out if you lose (shit talking is ok so long as its in good fun)
  3. You’re there to have fun

We are by no means the best players but I can attest that we are all decent. I myself have been venturing to LA and have played extended sets with some of the best players socal has to offer so i have some experience. So anyways skill level doesnt matter all are welcome!:lovin: We dont have spicific times set up but if people are interested we can set stuff up no problem. Both houses we play are big enough to hold a number of people no problem, just please respect the places. Anyways, hope some of you VC’ers come out and get in the community!


I’m not sure how many players there are in Ventura County because I usually don’t play street fighter outside of the arcade. I don’t think too many players meet up for console casuals because Denjin is less than an hour away wherever you live. But yeah that can get expensive if you’re just looking for some consistent practice.

I’ll be done with finals after Friday and then I’ll be back in Ventura for 3 weeks. I’m down to play but I don’t have a stick… if you guys can hook up the equipment then that would be down. Just send me a pm about when you guys wanna play and I’ll see if I can go and possibly get a few friends to join.


I have a few friends that are relatively new to the game and would like to get better without having to pay after every loss. We all live in Ventura County.


I’d be down to play sometime. Bit closer than going to Denjin for me.


@ mio
yea i totally agree with what your saying. denjin isnt too far away and you can definatly find good matchups there. im gearing more towards online warriors who maybe have been hesitant to make the trip to denjin because they are scared they are gonna just go and get beasted and think “wow i just drove an hour out here to get my ass handed to me” and cuz they dont know anyone, ect. At least thats how i kinda felt before i went the first time, and i know once i went and actually played live matches with real people, the game became so much more fun and made me really wanna work to step up my game. And this could be the first step towards getting out in the community.

As for equipment, yea dude we got you covered there no worries. i know most people have fianls this week and are pretty busy, and then saturday is Ranbat 2.3 at denjin so sat is out. maybe friday or sunday if you guys arnt busy we could get somethin going?


Any arcades in the area have SSFIV? or Denjin closest?

Me and a couple friends recently picked up SSF4; and noobies to fighting games in general; lookin for a place to advance our skills. Please PM. Thnx.

Sorry for bumping an old thread


SSF4 in VC???

i recently moved back to Oxnard after going to school in San Diego. i’ve been into sf4/ssf4 since the beginning and enjoy playing both casually and in the tournament scene (thanks to the theBoxArena).

now that i’m in Oxnard and don’t really know anyone, i gotta know, IS THERE ANYONE OUT HERE WHO PLAYS…? i’d love to meetup for casuals/ranbats/practice/whatever. i’ve looked online and can’t seem to find anything in the area, so if anyone can point me in the right direction, i’d greatly appreciate it.

thanks in advance!


I’m in Camarillo. I can travel within the county easily to practice up with any of you guys.


I’d be down for this if I could carpool with someone that lives in Simi or somethin. I’m in Moorpark right off the 23.


this threads been dead for almost a year now…

OP moved to Colorado but while he was out here he played with us constantly even though it was a little drive…

Anyone is more than welcome to join us in our thread and sessions we have in the valley :wgrin:


LOL, only saw the date of the last couple posts and thought there was somethin else going on…


yea sorry guys, i dont live in Ventura anymore, but i do suggest anyone in the area interested in getting some good games in go check out the Valley thread that Kwheelie linked. Great bunch of guys there who know their stuff and will definatly up your game! worth the drive!


hi, i’m in camarillo. sorry to bring this thread back.

did anyone meet up for casual play on this thread? I have a ps3 and am still learning ssf4. I started playing since the early 90s, ie SF2, and would like to play with a few peeps that can teach me and help me catch up quick.

i have a MAME arcade cabinet with true arcade emulation that will play most of the SF series and other games. hit me up.


Me and Mustachio Oxnard Crew down for some casuals


Finally, players in ventura county. Im definitely down for meeting up for casuals with you guys man. Where do you guys meet? and when?


does anybody have a place where we can play at? would be nice to have some games with vc players, looks like ima have to buy a copy for ps3 lol


Who do you guys play?


I play sakura and chun
so anyone down to host?


sup solin aka mustachio aka ivan the terrible aka 5 dolla foot long


dan, blanka, sometimes sakura lol