Ventura County Thread


EVO is around the corner. How many ventura county folks are making the trip?


See the post above yours.


Handle: Zerothehiden
Name: Dakota
Location: Moorpark
PSN: zerothehiden
XBL: n/a
Currently Playing: USF4, Skullgirls


I’ll be hosting a game night at a place I’m housesitting at next week sometime after EVO. Most likely sometime between next Wednesday and Friday. If you are free feel free to drop me a PM if you don’t have my number, or text me, and I’ll give you the location and the time. It will be laid back with multiple setups and multiple games (probably majority being USF4 and UMVC3).


Tag : Zork
Name : Robert
PSN : ZorkTheDork
Location : Oxnard

Currently Playing : UMvC3. Been trying to find people to play marvel with in person :frowning:


Looking to level up my game locally, so I guess I’d better get in on this.

Handle: Latency
Name: Nik
Location: Oak View/Ventura
XBL: LatencyZT
Currently Playing: USF4


Anyone still playing here? I recently moved back to Oxnard.


Just gonna leave this here. Upcoming tournament for Ultra, Melee, and Project M. PM me if you’d like more details! Clicking the picture will take you to the Facebook event page.


Tell me you play Marvel? :smiley:


Handle: r1sk
Name: Gerson
Loc: Santa Barbara
XBLive: bionio
Games: USF4

Let me know if you guys still play in Ventura, its not to bad of a drive!


Back from Japan with some story’s and new tech so who wants some. all the vets what up good to be back and all new comers greetings. btw Akihabara Was the shit so much arcade love.


find me on fb


I just moved out in Camarillo, living at CSUCI. Since I can’t find anyone who plays on campus, I was hoping to play someone around Camarillo or Oxnard. My wi-fi is also bad so I really want to play in person

Handle: tolliverasleon
Name: Donte
Location: Camarillo
PSN: tolliverasleon
XBL: LEONFOREVER (currently unavailable)
Currently Playing: USFIV, UNIEL


Was up Im looking to c where r the ultra sfiv meet ups,im from fillmore but willing to drive for some ggs i play on ps3 btw…add me up for some ggs online…inbox me for cell # to make averything easier thx

Currently Playing:ULTRA SFIV


Tolliver: I go to CSUCI. What days are you free? I may bring my stick on some of these days.


Awesome!! Fridays through Sunday I have no classes but I’m free on Tuesdays and Thursdays after 2 PM.


Hey guys come to ugc on Tuesday for our weekly sf4 tournies


New to this community. I live in Oxnard. I am an Mortal Kombat player. Currently playing mk9 and will play MKX as soon as released. I plan on heading to tourneys. Up for both online and offline casuals. PSN player


Camarillo, MvC2, XMvSF, ST, CvS2, A3, A2, Project Justice and more.


Come to 6991 Vista del Rincon Dr Saturday for EVO part starts @ 6 or 7