Venture brothers season 5 discussion

The new search engine is a piece of crap. but here we go bitches.

When did Sargent Hatred have tits? Did I miss something?

Brock in the stall had me laughing pretty hard.

Spoilers from the last season


Well Hunter did turn into a woman for a brief time… but it still doesn’t explain how Sgt. Hatred got boobs. I guess he isn’t going to be with Princess Tiny Feet anymore? Unless the princess is really into kinky shit like how Dr. Girlfriend mentioned in the last episode that she was into bondage.

Spoilers from last season ^. (I don’t want any troubleeeee /Jackie Chan)

So. Fucking. HYPED! I can’t wait for this! Also what the hell… the Owl from Clash of the Titans? Maybe there is a real Zeus… I love Hunter’s speech in the beginning! NOW I’M MOTIVATED!

Judging by the new face tattoo, it’s Sergeant Venture now.

J. Jonas fighting L. Ron Hubbard? I’m down

im almost sure he started doing some transformation shit last season or special.

we are gonna get scientology jokes this season lol.

OHSHI- just get’s more nuts every season. can’t wait!

I’m not sure what to make of Brock in the stall with that guy. lmao

Goddammit, Brock.

theres a different more updated venture brothers thread.

There is… but I’m still going to call bullshit on the season finale is already coming up next week? Damn these short seasons!