Venturi's Wonderful Gallery

Hello Fellow SRK heads! I wanted to start this thread to show my artwork. There are many really good artists on this site, Just want to join in the fun. These peices are original ideas that I just think up, I will do more fan art type stuff when my time frees up.

Any comments/critiques are welcome. Just let me know what i can improve on. Ill be posting up more stuff soon!

The second one looks a little squashed though that could just be a product of your style. I like them overall–they all have a certain amount of life to them (in comparison to some more static pics). Do you take requests?

At the moment no, I am currently neck deep into an animation project. But I will be freed up in a couple of months.

I like the evil joker pic best of all. Something about the orange-purple contrast hits me, I think.

Most of this is okay stuff, there’s always room for improvement.
my main crits would be:

  1. Analyze how to do highlights & shadows in the cel-shading style… in the pics you posted it seems pretty arbitrary, often:
    (a) placed in areas that don’t seem quite right (ie; not where you’d expect the highlight / shadow to be); or
    (b) of a shape or size that doesn’t match the area it’s in.

  2. Have a highlight, midtone & shadow in most areas. Right now in most pics you only have 2 of the above in any given area.

  3. It’s also a bit strange to see mixed colouring styles - in some pics you use gradients as well as cel-shading, I’m not sure if they complement one another.

keep drawing & posting :slight_smile:

btw: considered pulling all your stuff into one thread? You can edit your other posts and add them into this one, and close the others. Only problem is you lose the replies in the other threads.

I asked the mods to delete the other 2 threads, one of them wasnt supposed to be posted. Is there a way I can delete them myself?

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  2. Click on the “EDIT” button in your first post.

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Voila! Thread deleted.

I agree with Rook, i think the jester is probably the best one, design and compostion-wise. I think you’ve got some good stuff going. The 2nd and 3rd pics have simple, yet interesting designs, the 4th one is kinda “meh” to me. It seems a bit unfinished, and although it’s in line with your style, i think her head would look better a bit smaller. The 1st pic, IMO, is a bit over-designed. The crazy hair, the “futuristic-looking” double-belts, the eye-markings, the huge shoulder-pad, coloer sceme alll of the place. It’s all a bit too much. Keep a bit more simple, like your other characters.

As for technical tips, Rook has got them pretty well covered.

Anyway, youv’e got some good ideas, keep at it. :slight_smile:

thanks guys! My goal was to complete one character a night for one month, Other projects have got in the way of this goal, The joker looks the best because I found my groove lol. The guy with the funky hair was my first one, And i drew the purple girl when i was half asleep lol. The joker was the last one I did. I started to find my groove.

Know any good books or websites that cover color theory?

um…is that a joke…?

doesn’t quite narrow it down lol:confused:

the first one on the top. Someone in the thread mentioned "guy wiht funky hair and belt buckles