Venue fees suck..

Unless everything is supplied i.e. from systems to TE sticks. Otherwise they shouldn’t exist. OR… if there’s some kind of cool selling point ala UGTL open bar till 7 or 8. Sound off…

pretty sure it was open bar at UGTL 'till 5.

Tournaments are expensive, man. You have to rent out a venue, do some marketing, sometimes pay people to run the brackets, etc. Also, 100% of the pot fee usually goes to the winners, so the people holding the event would really be out of luck if there was no entry fee.

Do you expect people to go into debt to run tournaments for the community? They are very expensive to run.

yeah go rent out a tourney venue, transport all the consoles/tvs/tables/chairs in, put 100% of the entry fees into the tournament pot, then charge no venue fee and see how many tourneys you can run

tourney organizers perform an essential, yet thankless job. they also pretty much never turn out a profit at tourneys

A venue can cost up to $1,500 (for larger) to rent for a weekend, who do you expect to pay for it?

This. I run help run tournaments in my state and I am pretty sure most don’t really understand all that really goes into getting tournaments set up and ran perfectly. I mean if this was considered a job for the community and we were to be paid for our time used, the community would always be in the red. Making and passing out flyers, driving back and forth, hauling equipment, RUNNING THE TOURNAMENT, cleaning up venues to make sure deposits are returned, ect , ect.

There is a limit to how crazy venue fees should get, imo, but I figure that that is common sense. If a venue is shitty, nothing is supplied (consoles, systems) and nothing runs right, why am I paying $100 venue? If you do have a responsible tournament director or team of, just be happy that they decided to take up one of the hardest sides of the tournament scene to help it thrive. That or find an alternative venue at no cost (open your place, find a rec center that won’t charge you to do occasional events, whatever) and suggest it to the community. I seriously doubt anyone would pass on a cheap/free venue to throw tournaments at.

The OP sounds like the type of person I have to tip extra at a restaurant for to make up for him. If you don’t want to tip, eat at home. If you don’t want to pay venue fees, don’t play in tournaments.


You should just be grateful they only charge you a certain amount. Do you not realize how much time, money and effort they put for us the community?

LOL at OP bitching about venue fees.

If venue fees magically tripled overnight, going to a tourney and WATCHING as much as you can while you aren’t playing is still worth every penny.

If you look at it like “Well, that cost me $20 and I went 0-2, what a waste of money” you have the wrong point of view.

Tourney fees are the cheapest possible way to get direct experience with a variety of really good players, they are worth it, every time.
Find me ANY other sport where for ~$20 you can get a chance to go head to head versus some of the best competitors in the country. **

There is only one statement I can make at this thread: :rofl:

Its an open ended question, lol thanks for the laughs though in 2010 if you live in CALI. I think u can get a lil more creative then charging a venue fee. There’s… so MANY Venues that are willing to host a tourney in AI, FFA, DENJIN, DREAMLAB etc… Btw i get the idea of paying entry fees im saying what is the point of tacking on a 5-10 dollar venue fee, U might as well make that shiet a 10 dollar tournament then make half of the pot cover your venue expenses. Either way there’s something called SPONSORS… LOOK INTO IT. I understand the hardwork and time that goes into these events and i applaud everyone who throws them. Just pointing out how ridiculous some of these venue fees can get that’s all. lol EXAMPLE ENTREE FEE IS $20 dollars to get into the door, $12 dollars a game, then $5 bucks venue fee. You might as well just said it costs $37 bucks to enter the tourney…

thats exactly what we do. Ive never seen a tournament where you need to pay the venue fee separately.

and entree is a meal, you mean entry

A lot of people appreciate the breakdown of what it is that they are paying for, because some people that would potentially be attending might think $37 is too high for tourney entry for one game (which is how it likely comes across when you say $37 tourney entry).

Anyway, especially in these “tight times”, people are looking for justification for the money they are spending, and breaking down fees often helps.

edit: Not to mention that it might entice people to sign up for multiple games, seeing as it’s “only” another $12, and they already spent the big part of the fees to get into the venue in the first place.

This newbie forum is getting out of hand now. I thought this was supposed to be about asking questions to help improve your game on any level at all in a fighting game. Not whining about bitch shit. This could have just went in the fighting game discussion forum.** This is gonna be such a damned spam forum…**

lol oops forgot to spell check… Thx for the reply sir, will have to attend of one your tourneys when i get better hahaha.

if you’re so damn bright why don’t YOU organize a torunament, why don’t YOU get some sponsors, why don’t YOU find a free venue.

and who the hell charges a 20 entry fee, 12 dollar pot, plus 5 dollar venue fee? you don’t see things like that, unless tourney organizers have no idea wtf they’re doing

Least I’ve paid for a tournament entry for one game + venue fee was $10. The most I’ve paid was I think $30 for Season’s Beatings IV which had costs like flying Daigo out, huge venue and more stuff like that.

I was going to ask that. Wtf is the difference between entry and venue fee?

Im not here to argue kid, just making a statement to see what everyone’s thoughts are on this. btw i took that example from Active Gamers hahahha… thank god i didnt pay 36 bucks to play street fighter 4 in the cold. I paid 10 to spectate. Again i do appreciate what alot of the quality promoters do for the community, i was just saying venue fees suck. Things can start at a very grassroots level ala Barfights, to where the venue builds itself up to the point where $25 bucks for Vip=food, beat a pro+a drink make paying that well worth it.