Ver. 2013 Combo Editor Thread


For those that are curious or wish to learn about how it works, feel free to ask. I am not the expert on this thing, but I have fooled with it and understand it well.
I edited one of desk’s Lars combos with it and it actually measures time between moves BY FRAME. It also allows you to stop a Combo on hit, on block or on miss, so it could be an invaluable tool for training because you can set up situations to the frame and react accordingly. I estimate you could record the combo in training mode.
It does take time to edit a combo, but if you couldn’t execute an opponent’s combo for recording in training mode, you may be able to Combo Edit and then use it in training mode.

I figured that to do a jump-in (HP in this case), an early one is around 30 frames, but less than 35, so I expect meaty to be 33 or 34 frames, maybe.

In some ways this thing has great potential for good, but I can see it being used by some who are lazy in terms of learning actual execution and muscle memory.

I personally will NOT use this in matches.
I will definitely look into using it for training mode though…

UPDATE: you CAN use QC in training mode, and thus can record them. This opens up a new option in training mode to learn how to react to certain combos & block strings as well as what to do when your opponent stops a combo on hit, miss or block.

New combo editor expansion?

Good stuff!


Can you do 3-bar combos in training mode with this?


Just put the bar on infinite and I would assume so.


It’s possible the game won’t allow you to make combos that you can’t possibly perform in a real match, which is why I’m asking.


Can you use Hwoarang’s Flamingo transitions after his strings (hold forward)? Can you also crouch cancel them?


Akuma has a preset combo that ends in Misogi, which I used in training mode with the bar set to infinite as the “scruffy-looking” :wink: Nerfherder wisely suggested and sure enough, the QC does execute. Strangely enough, that particular combo doesn’t connect like it used to, probably due to the new changes, but it does execute.
I also tried King’s preset ending in Mexican super and it works. And for my man Roknin, both of Juri’s Kaisen preset QCs. Yes, they work!!!

I put together this combo (st.LK>MK>f, FLA MK>LK xx qcb+KK, […] (412/398/383) - uses 1 bar) from the Hwo 2013 Combo thread (which you initiated :wink: ) :

and it works fine, though it doesn’t combo from L & H Smash K Combo on an Auto-Block dummy. You MUST put motion switch (flamingo) in the editor or it won’t transition into FLA.

Then I tried this one from the same thread:
FLA MK>LK>df, cr.LP-st.MK>MK>HK xx 214HK (309) - requires standing opponent and should be hit-confirmed on the first hit*
IT works, but also does NOT combo from Fire Storm (FLA MK.LK) to cr.LP on an auto-block dummy. I am not sure if this is a crouch cancel combo because I have limited (though mad fun!) experience with Hwo.
Also, the Editor only has crouch as a movement, it doesn’t have df or db as options, so I am not sure if I am editing the combo with the exact frames or not.

An interesting thing I noticed/thought of, is that you can view the build of the preset combos to give you an idea of how the Editor works in terms of frames between moves and generally constructing combos. This feature is becoming a VERY useful tool to improve and experiment combos/gameplay, imo.


Those are just 2-bar combos though. I mean combos that costs 3 bars if executed manually, like an EX move into Super.


Ahh, I get you. :slight_smile: The answer to your question is:

Excitement!!! You MUST set the gauge to infinite.
This was tested with Chun-Li’s EX Spinning Bird Kick xx Super (Which will only connect when you are facing the corner, about 1/3 of the screen from the corner.)
The editor will have the amount of gauge required in red when you put the combo together, but it will work when previewing the move and thus, also in training mode!!!
Good thinking Doop!!


That’s nice, that means you can use it as an in-game PPad if your execution is not up to par. Also to program complex patterns for dummies.


It seems like what the game is doing is simply waiting for the strings to recover and then following it up with Motion Switch (KKK). This is different from using the built-in transitions (holding forward) because they make him recover faster than normal. It’s kind of unfortunate if these types of combos don’t work, as I was struggling to execute a certain combo that I found and was hoping that playing with the quick combo editor might be able to offer some insight on how it must be executed.


So, no Xiaoyu crouch cancels then?


True. However, I had all the settings on auto, and didn’t assign a certain number of frames to transpire between moves. It may be that the crouch cancel combos won’t work. If you can type out the combo notation, with frames in between moves (I know it’s a pain) then I can put them together and see if they work.
The editor does allow you to control the number of frames between moves, down to 1 frame, so I am hopeful we can figure a way to make these combos work. I will look in the BradyGuide to see if there is frame info and/or other data that may help. I just hope it isn’t all outdated.


If we have to account for hitstop, I’m not sure how long it is for these strings. As I recall, the guide says that it’s generally 8 for light attacks, 10 for medium attacks, and 12 for heavy attacks. For now, I’ll neglect it.

After the st.LK>MK string, the transition input should be 20 frames after the input of the MK, and Hwoarang recovers in Flamingo stance 1 frame after that. For the FLA MK>LK string, it should similarly be 25 frames after the input of LK.

Maybe you could make it do something like this:

Standing LK
Wait 7 frames
Low & High Smash Kick Combo (MK)
Wait 19 frames
Walk Forward (2 frames)
(Flamingo) Standing MK
Wait 9 frames
Fire Storm (LK)
Wait 24 frames
Walk Forward (2 frames)
Crouching LP
Standing MK (boost combo)
High Kick Combo (MK>HK)
HK Hunting Hawk


Ok. So I just returned to forums after some testing. (Prior to Dr. G’s post above mine) Here’s what I discovered…

With the Hwo combo: FLA MK>LK>df, cr.LP-st.MK>MK>HK xx 214HK (309) - requires standing opponent and should be hit-confirmed on the first hit*

I entered it into the combo editor like this (bear with me):

  • = (FLA MK>LK) = Fire Storm 1 & 2
  • = (st.MK>MK>HK)
    Motion Switch (Flamingo) - Fire Storm 1 - Fire Storm 2* (here I set the frame timer to 1) - Motion Switch (Flamingo) - (once again set the frame timer to 1) - crLP - Mid. K Combo 1 - Mid. K Combo 2 - Mid K Combo 3+ - Hunting Hawk (H)
    It doesn’t combo from Fire Storm to cr LP. I think this is because here, the crouch cancel requires a df motion and there are no options for just directions, they are all movement commands, (i.e. move forward, vert. jump, forward jump, etc).

Then I tried this Xiaoyu combo:
crHK>Phx> j.HK (diagonal), crHP>Rain Dance>KK (EX Mistrust)
I entered it like this:
crHK - (frame timer to 1) - Phx - Forward Jump - (frame timer to 8) - HK (there is no j.Hk option) - crHP )frame timer to 1) - Rain Dance - Mistrust (EX)
And that actually connects on an auto-block oppoent, though the combo requires a jumping or airborne opponent to work in the first place.
But I don’t think this is a crouch cancel, but probably a Jump Cancel.

Any regular hyphen notation means the timer was set to Auto, unless mentioned.
You may set the frame timer to 999.

I then tried Dr. G’s combo and it doesn’t work because entering that many frames, (if it is indeed frames and not seconds that the clock counts) has too much time elapsing between moves. I tried entering it like this:
Motion Switch (Flamingo) - Fire Storm 1 - Fire Storm 2* (here I set the frame timer to 1) - Motion Switch (Flamingo) - (once again set the frame timer to 1) - crLP - MK - High Kick Combo 2 - High Kick Combo 3 (you can go from 2 to 3 without 1 and the editor will do it) - Hunting Hawk (H)
Once again, Fire Storm won’t combo to crLP on an auto-block dummy. :frowning:

Perhaps the crouch cancels won’t work, merely because there are no simple direction options, such as toward, back, down, up, df, db. They have dash, backdash, but no simple directions.


In that case, it must be counting the frames starting from when the character has recovered, rather than counting the frames between inputs.


That is it! The editor will allow a move to finish before it reads the next input. Makes sense, and when I watch it when previewing a combo(which you can do to ensure it works), this becomes evident.
Now, when I used the vanilla editor, I skirted some of the flaws by building a combo and then doing inputs myself before having the editor finish a combo. Yet it sounds like it won’t suit your purpose based on it not being able to execute the crouch cancels. Perhaps we may lobby for this feature in a future update.
What is the combo you are trying to gain insight into? I’m mad curious.


Okay, here is the combo:

f+HK, walk forward, FLA MP>MP>f, dp+HP xx qcb+HK

Without the Special Step (dp+HP), it only works in the corner, while the last hit whiffs mid-screen. With the Special Step, I managed to connect the whole thing only once so far. It’s tricky because it seems like you have to buffer the DP motion at a specific timing in order to cancel the Special Step into Hunting Hawk fast enough without the input overlapping with Sky Rocket (dp+HK).


@Dr Grammar
Okay, so after toying around with the editor here is what I came up with:

I set the editor to these specifications:
Iron Heel [f+HK] (Timer: 01)
Move Forward (Timer: 07)
Motion Switch FLA (Timer: 01)
Quick Kick Combo 1 (Timer: Auto)
Quick Kick Combo 2 (Timer: 01) These are how the editor reads FLA MP>MP
Special Step (H) (Timer: 01)
Hunting Hawk (EX) (Timer: Auto)

I tried to do this with the HK Hunting Hawk but it wouldn’t connect from Special Step. HOWEVER, the above combo WORKS on an auto-block Ryu for 9 Hits and 308 Damage, ANYWHERE on screen, including corner. I toyed with the timer for Special Step xx Hunting Hawk and the editor has no problem canceling into it. With the settings above, you barely see the motion for SS start before HH takes over.
Your Special Step xx Hunting Hawk may be a 1-Frame link.
Cool looking combo. Not sure if that is what you were hoping for, but that is what I could get the editor to do. =>]


Having a lot of fun with the new combo editor. Finding out that Cammy’s trial 20 could be an infinite if you had infinite meter. Weird thing is that I can’t seem to get the quickcombo to repeat itself even though I can continue the combo by hand. Could that be because a quickcombo has a startup of its own?
In other words does a quickcombo of say ‘crouching HP’ come out slower than just hitting cr. HP? Framewise I mean? That would explain a lot.