[Ver.2013]Guy Bushin Chain 1F Utilities Cancel

I was testing the new version, and I came across this.
Input :






, In the last blow



> Bushin Flip or Tatsus or Run & Hozanto [All EX Versions is OK, Super Art And Cross Art Is OK too]
Remember This is a 1F Link Cancel.

already posted videos of it

where is ?

lol in the guy thread… ummm here I guess… [media=youtube]r61PQHM0WU8[/media]

any advice on doing them consistently such as a visual queue or something? I’ve been TK’ing the cancels and get them every once in a while

he not taught how to do it, but okay.

This was really good. I expect more people to use Guy in this game.

cancel in ULTRA is ok too.

What’s working for me is to just wait till the H kick hits before hitting the tiger knee motion or up motion. If you try to tiger knee too quickly you won’t get the cancel. It also helps that Guy auto jumps even if you hit the motion a little early. Which makes it easy to cancel into tatsu. It’s actually really easy. (maybe not online though)

Definitely not getting the timing on this. Are you waiting until the nanosecond after the kick hits to input up?
Is the motion just up? I thought to SJC you had to input D,U.
I could do Chun and Ibuki’s SJCs in 3rdStrike, but I doubt they were 1F.

EDIT: Weird. I was trying to do the cancel in Trial mode, and couldn’t do it. But as soon as I go into training mode, I was doing the cancel consistently. Now I have to work on getting that j.MP & doing the KIO at will. I did one BC to KIO, feels good.

Trial Mode is back to to vanilla SFxT before the 2013 update you wouldn’t be able to it at all.

The motion to jump cancel is just up, but to TK Cancel into, Hozanto, Run, Tatsu etc. any of the ground specials, requires you to do the moves motion and end it with an upward motion, I.E qcb, up back~punch, would cancel into hozanto. This however is done in a 1 frame cancel, if you miss it, you’ll just get a jumping normal.

I was curious how they were dealing with trial mode. Are the missions the same?
Blooddrunk, how are YOU executing them consistently?

They kept it the same as when the DLC characters were dropped and won’t be changing them, I don’t even own the game I just played it at casuals to see if I liked the changes, I only did them 3 times out of 15 attempts but the stick I was using was fairly worn out and I’m not used to that at all.

Its similar to proximity cancelling which is something I could only do 1/16 of the time on keyboard so I expect this to be the same way, its a nice thing to learn on block if you catch your opponent standing.and somewhat decent for combos I would bet

Thanks to DomBomb’s suggestion, I am doing the KIO from Bushin Chain much more consistent, but damn it if I can’t get the timing for a jMPxxKIO(Izuna Drop).