Ver.2013 Rebalance Thread

Nice write-up!

The close s.HP into spiral rocky or CADC seems sweet!

As for the fast break, I’m sure it’s a definite buff and a good addition, but all that stuff (along with all of his usual swift step pressure and chains) seems like DP fodder to me. I mean, if they see the chain happening (along with his other chains) they might be able to just mash DP for free. Sort of like Heihachi and his f+LP? I’m not absolutely certain, but yeah, just brainstorming.

This though, seems like a huge oversight… massive even… like, everyone will flock to Bob now because everyone wants to have that safe boost poke-string instead of actually learning how to link and hit-confirm correctly lol

Yea but DPs got a huge nerf in the update, DP tag is a recipe for happy birthdays so you really have to think it’ll hit or you’re risking a lot. Not to mention that bob isn’t without his options to bait DPs. I mean cr.LP, st.LP is a true block string, and so is one, two punch xx spinner ball > lyonnaise. Spinner ball into P puts you at -3 but is the perfect range to make reversals whiff and still have the opportunity for st.LP pressure. One two punch is -1 on block too. I have a lot of success using gaufrettes kick to stuff Ryu DPs, and faking the overhead but just boosting into sweep. One more lol…one, two punch xx après sweep is super hard to reversal, even mashing.

We’ll see if people flock, I wouldn’t be surprised. Honestly though it still leaves you slightly negative, so the bobs that actually know how to confirm and pressure will be at an advantage. I doubt it’ll be exclusive to him though. It can still be tricky to punish some boosts if they’re done thoughtfully. Beside obvious ones like Kazuya st.HP, it was tricky to actually get the exact punish for certain boosts.

All that stuff sounds cool but still Spiral Rocky Invul :frowning:

I forgot whats the command for Fast BReak? can’t ever fuckign remeber move names.

Well in all fairness I don’t think a single person used fast break in any match ever.

But it’s LP, b+MP, LP+MP

I did…just for the hell of it. It…didn’t go well.

So it did work? Nice. I was afraid it would be too slow after experimenting with a ground bounce assist.

so the lower float on cracker makes the poundcake follow not work in some situations. but the K follow up will still work just fine. Cl.HP is a great addition to have after hitting a panini flip (HCF+K,d+K) in the corner, just gotta take a small step before hitting with it.

I called it on having spiral rocky being a combo move now. still using it in post tag bnbs.

Lol, bob is so stupid now. Boosted cr.LK > cl.MP links into st.LP. Guess we have an easy low confirm

Knew it! :slight_smile:

Man even I might get some wins as my favorite character for once. Unfortunately my tag ins are pretty weak thanks to Guy’s launcher. How are you guys comboing into Rocky and binding cl.hp out of corner?

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They also appear to have changed the juggle point usage on spiral rocky as well… You can just straight up juggle after it now. It appears to use 2 juggle points on hit?

Yes, I noticed this as well. In the corner, you have no reason to use Granchi Cannon over Spiral Rocky. It adds the same amount of JPs, does more damage, and gives you more time to act afterwards.

Can we get a write up of all of Bob’s new go to combos? I need to write this shit down on paper before I send my laptop in for repairs tomorrow.

Even midscreen… I was doing granchi cannon, spiral rocky, c.HP, super.

I dunno any real optimized combos, I’ve only had a few moments to mess around… but seems like there’s a lot of new things you can do. Sucks to not be able to bully with spiral rocky though, I lost a match tonight because I tried to chip with it and just got jabbed lol

Also having granchi be such a nice meterless wallbounce makes it great for setting up Pandora combos to go for the kill when you don’t have meter for super. Maybe you can even Pandora off a Spiral Rocky?
Which reminds me what are the best ways for getting into granchi is there anything other than a cl.hp bind in the corner? Cannot test because at work but if it connects after farce then whoa nelly. Seems strange only Jacker follows up without a tc it must have 0 JP or something

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Updated first post with new info.

  • Granchi Canno has JP 2, JA 2
  • Spiral Rocky has JP >4->4->4->4, JA 0-0-0-2

I haven’t been able to accurately test/deduce JP for spiral rocky yet… It’s greater than 4, I know that much. I hate the loss of invincibility, but holy crap is ever it awesome/fun in combos now. For example, [Granchi Cannon > Spiral Rocky > c.H > Spiral Rocky > Giga Jacker] is an easy 445 dmg midscreen combo now

Hmm i love the new bob and nina. they do so much damage for no reason now.

was this gemless for 445?

Probably pretty worthless because all the damage Bob gets after Rocky himself, but if you tag cancel it you can charge many ex moves to a super. I suppose if Bob is dying you can tag him out like this, or if your partner has super art gems on, but even then just Pandoraing after seems smarter unless you are really losing.

Also it is really hard to test on my own but as long as you do not bind before Cannon I think you can do:
Cannonxxcross assault, Spiral Rocky (Balrog Ex charging to super), Balrog Super (Bob ex charging to super), Bob Super.

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Yup. I’m not kidding when I say that rocky is fucking awesome now. I think all my juggle combos are going to be nothing but trying to get 2 rockys… excellent for tagging, and give an awesome leave anyway (free CADC, sick crossup, etc). I used to mess around with cutting coppa into apres sweep for show, but now it’s just rocky rocky rocky lol

Also! Faster s.LP and faster s.MP is a bit retarded too. It’s harder to comfirm off s.MP now because it’s faster, but still having a safe boost is crazy. I think my herp-a-derp blockstring is just going to be picante into s.MP now (s.LP>s.LK>s.MP). I have all the time in the world to confirm, I can link after it if I feel like it, it hits low, it’s a tight blockstring with no gaps, and it’s also safe on block (+/-0 frame advantage). c.LK or far LK into close s.MP are awesome too, but harder to confirm… still crazy good though IMO.

Other stuff… not nearly as important but… I can still combo off AA cracker, it’s just a LOT tighter. As for LP cracker? Seems freakin’ GREAT now. Beats AAs easily (providing they don’t fly over my head and I go underneath them) The lower float also affects other combos too. Picante into cracker>poundcake no longer works because of it. However, cracker>jacker now works on pretty much everyone in the corner! (before I could only get it to work against Hugo). This allows for more damage in certain combos, but like I said before, I’ll be going for rockys instead whenever I can lol