Vercettes Evo World MM

Post em here, 2/3 for 5, 3/5 for 10, 4/7 for 20.

So far I have

(Updated 4/30)
Me vs Soo FT7 for 50 (Combofiend vs Combofiend)
Me vs Sentinaaall! 3/5 for 10
Me vs Magneto-X 4/7 for 20
Me vs Infinite 4/7 for 20
Me vs Pigadoken 4/7 for 20 (P.S. The broken stick excuse has been exhausted lol)
Me vs J360 4/7 for 20

Any others?


You know me & you gonna get some in. LIke good times last year right~!!! :lovin:

michael ross would like to play you 4/7 $20 5 times in a row

What’s good Vercette?

I would like to play you 4/7 for $20 like last year :tup:

i’m down, how much you wanna don’t to my capt commando bro? :bgrin:

3/5 $50?

Hell ya dawg, bring you A game cust we’re gonna be playin’ at all times of the night!

I’ll do 4/7 for 20, but I’m keeping it maxed at 20. I have a lil bit of extra money, but I want to play more than just one person. I just want to play other players dawg

Sure, I’ll donate >_<*

Sure, just not my head ^_^.

Sorry if I spoiled your surprise, BUT, remember, I have a 100 percent way to stop that from happening again and again, member?.. MEMBER?!

That was ALMOST funny… what’s up man, hows Vegas now?

with new stuff, lets see how much you have learned :rofl:

good man :smiley: can’t wait to have you guys back down here :wink: how fl? how about 2/3 20?

What’s going on Vercette?!?!

3 out of 5 for $20!!
Let’s go!

I’ve learned a good amount… heh

If you want 20, we can do 4/7, bring that santhrax baby!

Same for you, cept you bring your MSS :smiley:

see i would bet… but you’re really free money and i just can’t do that… -zoom zoom zooommmm-

Well I was looking foward to beating you with Msp, but since you want Mss.

You’ve got it!

What do you call someone that wants to pick the other guys team for a mm…

Then reality hit you hard and made you think twice about that… besides, I don’t want to play the regulars :-P~

OH SNAP, someone went back to their roots and called forth the Psyblade! I got 2 words for ya… BRING IT!

Not me… I just know the teams they play… Sorry to break it to ya

donate 20$ to me vercette thanks

vercette: 3/5 or 4/7 for $20? this time, i’ll try to have a good stick from the get go when we play.


we still playing 4/7 for $20?

ya going down v is for vercette!!!:arazz: :arazz: :arazz: