Vergil Frame Data

I apologize in advance for any legal issues with this post. I’m hoping this frame data can help people create more blockstrings for the character, or get an idea of how the Dark Slayer plays.

Here is the format for the data:

Move Name: Advantage on Guard/Advantage on Guard in DT

Normal Attacks:
**Standing:l:: **-3/-1
**Standing:m:: **-8/-5
**Standing:h:: **-13/-9
**Crouching:l:: **-6/-4
**Crouching:m:: **-8/-5
**Crouching:h:: **-6/-2
**Launcher:s:: **-13/-9
**Air:l:: **+10
**Air:m:: **+16
**Air:h:: **+18
**Air:s:: **0

Command Attacks:
**Stinger: **-30/-23
**High Time: **-17/-12
**Helm Breaker: **0/+2
**Upper Slash: **-8/-4

Special Moves:
**Judgment Cut: **+8/+12
**Rising Sun: **-11/-7
**Lunar Phase: **-7/-2
**Rapid Slash: **-8/-3
**Round Trip: **+89/+79

Hyper Combos:
**Dimension Slash: **-59
**Summoned Swords: **+26
Dark Angel: -27

Interesting Information to note:

  • Vergil has less frame advantage on Round Trip in DT because the move is faster. Thus, its duration shortens.
  • His air attacks and Helm Breaker are extremely safe inside and outside of DT. In fact, it barely makes a difference for those attacks.
  • Crouching:h: comes in as Vergil’s safest low attack. Not crouching:l: or crouching:m: as most people would readily expect.
  • Because attacks like High Time and Rising Sun can be canceled with Trick by pressing :h: they generally become safer than they look. Especially Rising Sun.

*Note: I may compile the rest of the data another time in the near future. If it’s legal, and you guys ask for it. I’ll definitely finish it up soon. This is just a general framework (No pun intended!) for now. *

No data for j.S/Starfall?

Thanks for the reminder. I’ll put it up now.