Vergil/Frank West setup won't work?



So I’ve recently picked up Vergil and can nail the swords loop in both the corner and midscreen, and most of the time I can end my final loop in Lunar Phase so I can hard tag Frank in and snap a picture. My qustion is, sometimes after I lunar phase, the opponent won’t bounce the same way, and they’ll be out of the combo by the time Frank comes in. Essentially instead of doing a very high bounce, they hit the ground normally. Why is this?

During my loop, this is the only time I used Lunar Phase as Vergil, and it was at the very end of my sword loop, so the last hit should ground bounce them, but they don’t.


I’m taking a guess, but I’m assuming you’re running Vergil/Frank/OTG assist(wesker or deadpool)?? if so, the one thing that happens, mostly in the corner, is that lunar phase will still make the opponent bounce even with spiral swords on. Other than that, starting a combo with j.S uses a groundbounce already, if you are playing deadpool, then if you don’t hit the opponent early enough, his otg will actually use a groundbounce, idk I’m assuming a lot here lol


You’re not getting the high bounce because you’re using up your ground bounce somewhere in your combo before that first lunar phase. Don’t forget that launch to st.H counts as a ground bounce, so if you’re setting up your swords loop solo with that (ie bnb->stinger, trick M, st.H, S, H, roundtrip, c.H, qcf+L, c.HxxSwords) then you wont be able to get the hard tag to photo with frank after lunar phase.