Vergil Instant Overhead



Not sure if it’s been asked already, but I figured I’d post it. Sorry if this is a double post.

I was going over some EVO matches last night and I stumbled on one of Flocker’s matches (it was a top 8 match). He had his Vergil out, and Yipes was commenting on how Vergil does in fact have an instant overhead with Spiral Swords out (something like j.L or something). I was trying this out, but i’m not sure how this entirely works (in terms of execution and how to carry it out in a combo), does someone who’s done this have video of this technique? I feel like it’d be a great tool to use when you’re pressuring the opponent.

Thanks so much, and sorry if this is a repeat!


To tell you the truth there is no reason to go for it.

Why? Because you can accomplish the same thing with Devil Trigger. You can not only get an instant overhead with devil trigger, but a double overhead and more.


I see… How does the instant overhead with DT work? I don’t think I have seen it yet, sounds dirty though :stuck_out_tongue:


Works in pretty much the same way that the spiral swords overhead works.

j.L>Helm breaker or j.S. Granted it doesn’t work on every character, but it’ll get the job done on most. Gets even more stupid when X-factor is going. Technically in devil trigger you can add an extra air normal in against tall characters to make the helm breaker connect easier.


Hmmm, I tried this out tonight, but a good majority of the time the jump L whiffs the character; is that a normal tendency or am I not timing it correctly? Also, even in instances where I did get the jump L to connect, I followed up with a Helm Breaker, but it didn’t end up as part of the same combo string… Am I missing a key bit of info on the execution, or does it boil down to timing everything properly?


the whiff is a normal tendency because of the way the hitbox is. You generally need to have some space between you and the other character for it to land(this is one of the reasons why the DT instant overhead is good since the range for it is retarded). It’s not really based on timing, but character height will affect it.

To get the j.L to connect into Helm breaker while in DT you need to do it almost immediately, or preemptively do helm breaker while doing j.L.


Yipes might have been talking about the instant overhead that you can get by putting swords into ATK+S mode… and then doing something after a jump to stop Vergil’s upward momentum. My buddy does it all the time, but I’m not sure about the inputs.