Vergil Resets?



Does anyone know any good Vergil resets?

Right now I have been doing

Wall Bounce -> Trick -> Standing Light then Air Throw (if they are teching)
Lunar Phase (ground bounce) -> Standing Light then Air Throw

I am looking for some full resets not Air Throw resets.

I have been noticing lately that I been getting a lot of full resets when I mess up my Spiral Swords combo. Maybe it is just that people think that the combo won’t drop lol.

Well anything would be great guys. Thanks.



incorporate your own assist’s


After performing a Stinger 2nd time (going for a pseudo-wall bounce), either L/M trick into st.L/M for the reset combined with an assist. In the corner with Jam Session this is impossible to read.

After performing a Judgment Cut in a combo, do st.L/st.M into Trick + assist or dash under or both. Very tricky cross up. Alternatively you can do st.L into air throw or j.H j.S if they are mashing.

If they block a Round Trip in the air, you can Trick to them and then do a dash under cross up as soon as they get out of block stun.

The above video has standard resets too that should be incorporated in to your game plan. Also you can explore reset options in the corner using Round Trip since it goes off screen it can make mix ups even harder to read.


The best resets/mix ups in this game (especially for non air dash characters) involve the ones that work off of soft or especially hard knockdown situations. Here’s an example of an interesting rount trip based knockdown mix up I found. watch?v=lRUgwWqEC5M&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL#t=2m52

I’m guessing you could do an L or M teleport right before the round trip hits to ambiguously cross or not cross also. Have to lab that. Especially nice since it doesn’t require an assist and you get heavy frame advantage to set up more crap should they block the round trip.

Now that Vergil is one of my main characters I’ll be looking to expand this stuff. Vergil’s mix up potential seems way too strong and right now this thread like most other threads is way too much about not actually how you actually utilize the character in a fight. Just a lot of youtube combo crap. Time to go in.




Some of the crap is good though…I just generalize cuz it’s literally 98 percent of what’s out there on video for Vergil right now. Yes Vergil spends meters and kills people yes we get it.

I’ve obviously been taking knowledge of stuff from what I’ve been seeing (especially your stuff) for combos but Vergil has way too much potential for mix up which can be used to save his meters up for more devastating stuff later on. Especially for a character that is more nuanced in his attack pressure and meter usage than other characters it’s definitely time to head this aspect of Vergil up way more.


True true. I’m glad my capture device is working so now I can get started on my team video. Which will have a good amount of resets. Task arrows are godlike for Vergil’s resets and general mix-ups. Like with arrows I can do cr.A, st.H, (call Task) M Judgement cut… so if you thought that I was gonna do rapid slash you get hit by the cut then the arrows juggle you and I can do st.H, Rising sun into stuff. Or I can replace the cut with Rapid Slash and if you don’t block the rapid slash arrows still juggle you and I still get a full combo. But let’s say you block the rapid slash oh shit I’m gonna get punished! Nope dem arrows will keep you in block-stun. Oh and by the time you get out of block-stun I should have a round trip charged so I can do stinger xx round trip and get another 50/50. Oh you blocked that too? Cool story well I get another 50/50 block string since I can call Taskmaster again.


Can’t wait, hope it works for Hawkeye too.


One reset/opener that I think most people forgot about is the same one that Dante did/does with his st.M+assist into teleport. One really good mixup on incoming characters I do is throw roundtrip in the air, putting them in blockstun. Teleport M a bit early so the person thinks your mixup is the teleport, but then once rountrip comes back, st.M+hawkeye assist into immediate teleport M again, which is a legitimate crossup, because whether st.M hits or is blocked, it doesn’t create enough hit/blockstun for the hawkeye assist to combo, meaning they have to block the other way no matter what.


nice reset at 2.56, throw a teleport in there with an assist for more ambiguity


I just tried this tonight and OMG…I LOVE this mixup! NOBODY blocks it. It’s like every new character you get a free combo lol! I can’t thank you enough dude.


Be careful though. Never become too reliant on one mixup because then your mind starts working on autopilot, so once someone avoids it, even a second of hesitation could mean one footdive to the face, and a full combo killing Vergil because he is fragile. Another note, on certain characters, such as Ammy, wolverine, frank west, & others, Hawkeye’s arrows will go right over them if they’re crouching, sliding, etc, meaning its really not safe teleporting right in front of their face, so just keep note while playing of who can duck under it or check the Bible if you have it, I think there was a section where it listed characters who go right under Hawkeye’s Greyhound assist.


After I do my standard bnb or just right off the bat on the first character, I’ll setup into: lunar phase , S xx B, (reset is here) Rapid slash xx DT.
They do the quick rise thing since you spend your ground bounce on the lunar phase. Doesn’t get blocked too often because people think that I’m going to be setting up into spiral swords. It’s relatively safe to and if they do block it I can go into a safe block string of c.L, c.M, H, Stinger xx Judgement Cut. The string is plenty long to hit confirm off of.
Here’s my standard bnb up untill the reset.
cL, cM, H, S, jM, jM, jH, Helm Breaker, call wesker samurai edge, Stinger xx L trick, H, S, jM, jM, jH, jS, call Dante crystal, lunar phase, above reset.

It builds one meter, so the DT is free if you do this first. Does around 550,000 too so all you need is one of those 700,000 bnb’s to finish anyone. Works like 70% of the time. Other than that, all the rest of my resets are the standing L --> air throws after lunar phase.


The reset as it is is legit for situations where you have a lack of meter, but some things to note about the stuff above:

  • From the start of the round it is completely unnecessary, cause you can kill basically every character, especially with an otg assist. It’s not even hard to do.

  • two otg assists for vergil is nonsense. It doesn’t even boost his damage at all. it just makes you lazy. Having vergils teleport game and not using w-shot or jam session to benefit from doesn’t make any sense to me either. Besides that, it is way easier to make blockstrings safe with these two assists than it is with crystal.

  • rapid slash xx spiral swords > rapid slash xx devil trigger in almost every aspect, you just have to know the right combos. It gains you more meter, thus nets you more damage in the end. Besides that, it’s easier to setup new stuff if the RS gets blocked. It also holds the opponent in blockstun and keeps them from calling bullshit assists to get out of pressure.

Again, it’s just me. But i really like to get the maximum out of everything and i am sure a lot of vergils will agree the stuff i just posted is more optimized in the most aspects (damage, meter gain and neutral game).


Yea I know I’m super lazy for using two otg assists for Vergil, but I really haven’t even put like 48 hours into this team yet. It’s definitely going to be my team from now on because it’s fun as hell playing it, but yea I do know that I should be using something else other than crystal. I’ve been trying to use w-shot in the lab , but I just use crystal online with friends and in ranked/player because that bnb I said is piss easy and nets decent damage. I’ve been looking for some videos of Vergil doing High Damage bnb’s and have only found like one good one.

Been trying to hit it in consistently in training mode, but I screw up the super jump timing after the teleport after rising sun about 30% of the time.
Also would you recommend w-shot or jam session?


After using a wall bounce from f.H Stinger, do it again as a combo ender and cancel it into round trip plus an assist.
Beams, Vajra, Jam Session, etc.
Doing it on a sword loop will make the opponent recover faster so I suggest a optimal BnB.
RT Glitch is useful too.


I guess it’s all about personal prefenrence, but i like to play with some sort of horizontal assist, so i’d go with w-shot in that team.

For the combo, an easier one that also nets better damage:

l, m, h, stinger, s, air mmhs, call wesker otg (start charging round trip, you can press L for round trip and call the assist at the same time), cr.h, stinger xx m teleport, h, s, h xx round trip, cr.h xx l judgement cut, and go into sword loops from there.

It’s also a more universal hitconfirm, since you can go into the same combo vs an airborne opponent if you skip the stinger at the beginning.