Vergil With Hidden Missiles Assist



I have been playing Vergil with Doom w/ Plasma Beam assist since UMvC3 came out. I recently though of switching it to Hidden Missiles so I can play different teams, such as Dormammu Vergil Doom, Magneto Vergil Doom, or Morrigan Vergil Doom.

However, it reallt seems like Vergil is just not that good w/ Hidden Missiles assists. Feels like Vergil has a tough time converting hits from Hidden Missiles into a solid combo, Hidden Missiles messes up the combo more often than helping it, and Vergil has no up/down mix up, so he doesn’t get much from having the opponent block missiles.

I have found some tricks with it, like resetting in the corner w/ Rapid Slash, and timing the Doom assist call so that it will allow me to combo off of Rapid Slash w/o using meter, or continue the block stun if they block the Rapid Slash. Just feels like the opportunity doesn’t appear often enough, and Plasma Beam assist helps get in and control space so much better than Missiles when used with Vergil.

Wanted to post and ask if anyone has had success combo, and what tips they would have.


You might as well just do an F.Champ style Doom anchor team. Vergil with only hidden missiles only really works if you have a lot of meter or are just plainly better than your opponent. You need some type of horizontal assist to set up those 50/50 crosses M port cross and L port fake crosses. That’s why they give Vergil a front and behind tracking port so they can’t even hold forward to guess once you get them in a good spot because you might do the fake cross with L and they get hit. Missiles is better for more projectile space control type characters if you’re using it as your sole power assist.

Vergil/Magneto/Doom is solid. Get Vergil with beam assist for mix ups and missiles which gives you really damaging combo extensions plus some aerial control. Plus Magneto gives you safe DHC’s and TAC infinites anywhere on the screen. Meaning any hit you land with Vergil can turn into Vergil getting an easy TOD plus 3 to 5 bars after the TOD is completed. If you’re scared you might drop the combo you could mostly likely just combo into super and spend a meter any way and still be pretty meter positive. If that doesn’t work you still get Magneto + Missiles as long as Magnus lands safely. Dark Doom has his ups and downs but you can always try to get Magneto into with an alpha counter or DHC if you really think you need that extra push with Magneto as anchor (considering again…he lands safely).

Another TAC infinite heavy team with a strong DHC and THC would be Vergil/Dorm/Doom (missiles)


Here’s a video that might help:


Would Vajra work for an assist to set up teleport mixups (as well as cover Victor when he comes in)? I’m currently running Vergil/Doom/Strider and I just like having access to missiles as a combo extender for Vergil as well as being used in conjunction with Round Trip for lockdown/meter build.


Oh yeah. You’ll get much better results, IMO.