Verizon confirms block of 4chan sites


I don’t read or care about 4chan, but I’m not down with ISPs dictating what sites subscribers can and cannot see.


Big Brother in EFFECT


I still dunno wtf 4chan is…

but it listed an attack…I’d cal that less big brother and more defense…but I dunno much about the situation except whats posted so points to grain of salt.

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Being that this is 4chan, Verizon just fucked up bad.


google is your friend when you know not the answers.


I wish it would work but knowing 4chan, this won’t last long. It’s not the first time a provider tries to block them.


Not so fun when the internet trolls YOU, eh 4chan?


How you not know what 4chan is?


I wonder if moot is still in debt like he was last year.


ISPs are bit pipes, they need to STFU and know their role.

i don’t like 4chan either, but verizon is being retarded


Could Moot potentially sue Verizon? Seems like it would make for a very interesting case.


No it isn’t. The government is “Big Brother”. This is just Verizon making a very, very poor move.


But I love 4chan.


Anon is going to have a field day with this…God help Verizon.


Like I said before, Verizon was making a pretty bad mistake.

Anyway, looks like somebody let them know:


Why shoud I…its not Street Fighter/Music related, and I get all my tech news from ArsTechnica and HardOCP w/ pricing assist by Sharkyextreme. shrug…Koop schooled me real quick.

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pretty much, they bombarded them with calls, emails, tweets, and facebook posts, they have no choice but to listen or 4chan users would go on some sort of psychotic spree of spreading very negative information about verizon in a very short amount of time. while chanology wasn’t the hugest success, scientology took a pretty nasty hit in the PR department during all of that


UGGGHHHHHHHHHHH everyone just needs to ignore 4chan. Its when you acknowledge their existence with blocks and shit like this that gives them an excuse to act like e-tards.


4chan is great.


4chan /literature/ is pretty fun actually