Verizon Fios + SFIV = good idea or not?

I currently have verizon dsl with 7mbps up/0.75mbps down speed, and I was wondering if switching to fios 15 up/5 down speed will make a difference. Fios uses fiber optic line way faster than dsl phone line, but verizon also gives you the crappy actiontec router that Im not sure could nullify the advantages of the first one ( when playing fighting games online ).
Any ps3 users out there that have verizon fios and that play sfiv online? Your feedback will be very helpful.

I think you have your up and your down speeds reversed.

You should research the difference between ping, and bandwidth.

In a nutshell, imagine data is water flowing through a pipe. If you have a pipe stretching from your house to Washington, DC - it’s going to take a long time for that water to get from one place to another.
Should you double the size of the pipe, it’s going to take the same amount of time for the water to get to DC, the only difference is that you can send more water at one time.

Make sense?

It’s really the game not your internet that is the problem with SF4 Online

i have fios…i get a lot of 5 bar matches, enough to not play anything under 4 bars and still find matches.

its definitely still online, probably 2-3 frames of input lag at the least, but that’s about as good as it gets.

For what it’s worth, the Actiontec isn’t that bad. I am actually using a Westell with my FIOS, but it’s running the same firmware as the Actiontec, and I didn’t really have any problems back when I connected my PS3 to it wirelessly. Since then, I’ve hard wired my gaming systems to a router that I setup as a client bridge and connected it to its own dedicated access point on an entirely different channel as the access point that the laptops use when connecting to the internet, but for your purposes, provided that you setup the ports forwarding/DMZ/UPnP correctly, the Actiontec router would be fine.

I have fios and the actiontec router. What is bad about the actiontec router? Couldn’t find any info through a quick google search.

The only problem that I’ve been having with the actiontec is when I connect to a torrent with more than 100 seeds and leechers, as it tends to drop out entirely.