Verizon Fios Users

Any in here? I’m thinking about switching over to their Triple Deal, since I already have an account with them. It seems sweet since they have so many pricing options for their internet service, but there is a snag and I was hoping someone could help me up. I currently live in a Duplex which is leased to us, and there is a down payment and everything. Problem is I read/heard that when installing Fios, verizon tends to rip out all the copper wiring in your house, rendering POTS unusable. Since this isn’t our house and mind provide trouble in case future leasers might wanna use this, I don’t think I can go down that road if that’s what they do. Any users care to shed some light on the subject? Legally they can’t do this, but since they are providing service via Fiber Optics, they can circumnavigate that law.

If that’s the case I would talk to the person leasing the house to you and question if it’s alright and if it would be a good idea to do.

I would say it’s a great idea considering Fiber optics is the future for telecommunications.

Um, the land lady is kind of a bitch and most likely would not allow us to do that. I would like to avoid seeing/talking to her as shes the kind of person that makes children cry just by being around them.

I have a friend who has fios, and I don’t think he said anything about them ripping all of the copper wires out of his house. You might have to pay for them to do a work around, so the install fee might be rough, but i’m sure they can do it without any of that nonsense.

Could you ask him? I sorta need to decide quick before school starts, and I need a good, reliable connection.

Yeah, next time i see him online i’ll ask him about it. I think this week he’s moving his shit back to school tho, so he might be hard to reach.

rip out all the copper wiring in your house? you do realize that all the electrical wiring in your house is copper right? someone is fucking with you.

^^^yeah, and why don’t you ask someone actually FROM verizon…

Copper wiring regarding POTS.

And I would ask, but apparently there are cases where it has happened and hasn’t. So I don’t to be falsely assured, and then have the wiring ripped out.

i have verizon fios. they didnt rip anything out of my house at all.

they just installed a box and a line to my upstairs where the modem goes.

but i did have to wait like half a year until they ran the lines to the curb 'cause my area didnt have fios at the time but was getting it.

also its fast and reliable… but its a bitch to try and forward ports for p2p clients (ie ggpo, torrents) its like impossible to do it. but if you are the main user just set yourself to DMZ host and it will open all your ports for you.