Vermont: Burlington area smalltime tournament (9/10)

I am hosting a “just-for-fun” local tournament in Shelburne and am looking for some more people in the area who are interested.

We are starting signups at 10am and go through til 1130am. Tournaments start at noon. There is no entry fee or buy-in for the events as this particular topic is something that is a bit of a grey area, legally, in vermont.

We’re still working out what we might do for prizes.

Our featured games will be on 360:

This whole thing started as a get-together for the local fg players I know of in the area. One of them suggested I post this on srk, so obviously I did.

Also: we need setups!

If you’re interested or would like more information, pm me!

Hello, I sent you a PM (I think), but didn’t hear anything back. I live in Burlington and would love to join you guys today, or some other time.