Didn’t see any threads for Vermont. Any MK9 or SSFIV players in the area? Know of any tournaments close by? Post!


What part of Vermont are you in? Have you found anyone to play with yet, or do you just have to play online? I am there every once in a while to visit my bro at UVM.


Me and a couple of friends play MvC3 and are located in the greater Burlington area. We travel to Mass to do the souper bowl and dont really know of anything happening in our own state.


Greenfield, MA player. What’s up.I’m currently mapping out a way to gather soe players from around my area to start up something with this games. Hopefully i’ll bump into some of you guys


Hey thanks for responses. I’m in waterbury but burlington is right close by. Haven’t found shit for players so I’m just online right now. Would love to find a place for offline casuals. Mostly ssfivae but mk9 would be ok too

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i know massachusetts, new hampshire and maine venues might be far from you guys but you should keep track of these threads to stay informed about tournaments and events

Pinball Wizard Arcade, Pelham NH - New Hampshire: The Sessions...Return of Salt Mines Starts 1/15/13
They host a fight night every other Tuesday at the arcade and they have a tournament planned for August.

Souper Bowl Restaurant, Lowell MA - Souper Bowl Fight Nights in Lowell, MA - Restaurant Close until further notice
They host a fight night every Wednesday night and also host a tournament every month.

GameUnderground, Framingham MA - GameUnderGround MAASSSAAACHUUSEETTSSS Framingham Tues/Fri
Host a fight night every Tuesday and Friday night. They also usually plan a tournament once a month.