Versatility in fighting games

Hey all! It really doesn’t seem like a lot of players use versatility anymore. All I see is bread and butter combos. Furthermore a lot of players are very text bookish when it comes to their style. I’m not complaining or anything, just wondering how out of all the moves and combos a character can have how only one move or combo is effective.


When it comes to combos… The only thing important should be what move starts it, the total damage, how much it costs(bar), what position it leaves the opponent in and what characters it eventually doesn’t work on. Learning alternative ones with the same starter/lower damage is just extra for show imo. Doesn’t really affect the game, and only affects the playstyle visually.

I know you’re not a KOF player saying this.

Elbow->Shoryuken has proven to be so useful why change things?

Also KOF forces the players to be more creative with their combos…Seriously…just try maining Lucky in KOFUM…

Naturally you are right. But if someone hits you with the same combo 5 or 6 times does it not make you a little angry. I personally learn to get around it or counter it somehow, but ultimately I get angry.

Also The King of Fighters is where i see it the most. I even see posts on other forums where people are like “this is his or her B&B”. I just fought a guy today who only hit me with one combo and varied between Ioris’ cross up and ground.

Bnbs are the basic way to maximize your damage with the character, if you are owned by the same bnb over and over is the same as you getting owned by fireball spaming, you are doing something wrong, you need to remember that the major part of the combos are situational and in many cases depends of your reaction time and ability to see the oportunity there, you wouldnt be able to use different combos all the time cuz not always you are gonna be in the situation (counter hit, position, enemy position) to do them.

also no every player have the creativity, this comes from the experience and vision, not only with the game, with fighting games in general and we know that if we talk about sf4 players, they probably only played st and sf4 (and not in a serious way)

one more thing, the bnbs and combos in general depends on the gameplan of the player and the knowledge of the character, the more the player knows what to use and what is efective you would see more variety depending the situations, yet you also would see that they would use things that works and are safter (bnbs)

Iori only has like two combos.:wonder:
Whatever into rekkas or DM. Nothing else. He could replace rekkas with HCB+K from a st.C but why do that over rekkas?

Certain things work better than others. Why would Iori do crB crA>DP over rekkas? DP isn’t as rewarding as his rekkas. Players do what they think works best in that scenario. Certain normals are better than others and their use is influenced by the situation.

There’s only so many options you have at your disposal. I could write a whole essay on this but I’m feeling lazy.

Combos and versatility aren’t one in the same. I will say players are less versatile, because they are try to play the same way. Almost every other player is an aggressive rushdown player. Seems to me newer players have a major gripe with turtling, since they think it takes less skill. and people somehow think walking forward and mashing a block string is a lot more skillful.

Basically OP is complaining at seeing the same BnB’s over and over because he keeps getting hit by them over and over.

I do the same combos in the same situations because they’re the best combos I know for those situations. That’s kinda how fighting games work.

Thanks guys you have been a help in clarifying the issue. Before now it hasn’t really made sense why anyone would play this way. I mean bnbs aren’t even a problem for me like some assume. I just get bored with some play styles and can’t play more than 5 games with those players. Yes but that’s an example of versatility because you wouldn’t use a combo for situation b that works for situation a.

you have to admit, turtle doesnt seem as cool as rushdown, but as i always say a good player know when to use both strategies

players play that way because it creates certainty. even if a player moves erratically and happens to get big hits, they’re relying on erratic movement to win

i think i know what you mean, not lack of skill but lack of variety, you miss someone who can react to you out the box and not just use the same 2 B&B that everybody knows.

Yeah pretty much. I don’t even have that big of a problem with it. The problem I have is when I win a couple matches, and suddenly my opponent tries using their best team. Then boom one special and 1 or 2 combos, and I even successfully defend it most of the time.

Any good player can change it up. I mean, if you play ST, you can rush down almost everybody in the game, but when you play against a Gief, you turtle up solid.