VersisTua Fighter Thursday nights?

Hey All,

Since the opening of versis, we have yet to get alot of fighting gamers for reasons like 2d games lag on HD tv’s and it’s expensive or what-have you. Please Know that we offer a discounted rate for events/party’s for 7.49 (per person)minimum for 2 hours and then 3.50 for any additional hours, i think it’s a really good idea to support our 3d fighting community’s especially since Virtua Fighter 5 is such a solid game, and fun to play. with that noted the to be release of super turbo HD, street fighter 4, and even tekken DR and soon(er or later 6).

we can easily rent at least one of our 72" DLP’s, and i’ve talked to a few of the VF players and keep good availability of players i feel that Thursday’s would be a good day and if you guys ever want to set something up give me a call/PM/Email/Hit me up on aim i’m sure you all have ways. but i think it’s necessary, to keep VF alive, we have to keep playing it =D

If anyway has any Qualms to do with scheduling. we are open until, 10pm we do have a late night gaurantee which just means that basically we’ll stay open so long as 5 people are paying the hourly rate.

so mull this over i would really like to see you guys show up and if i have to i’ll set it up if someone is affraid to.

Hope to see you all soon.


1356 NW Civic Drive
Gresham Or. 97030

Where is this place?

Portland [area].


OH shoot i suppose i did leave out some importland details

it’s near portland, ingresham

1356 NW Civic Drive
Gresham Or. 97030

it’s not far off hwy 84

bump bump

today is thursday, that’s all.

I’ve had a lot of great matches with Ray at Versis on the 72" Samsung DLP. I would definitely love to organize a night, though with the Portland community–probably need to organize a lot through phone calls first, since Northwest VF has a good amount of players, but many are shy about posting RSVPs.

I’m happy that Kent is getting into VF too, he’s gonna be very strong if he sticks with the game–fun watching him play Tekken. On that note, we do have Tekken 5:DR at the store.

The lag only exists on old-gen games–mainly PS2/X Box/GCN. Fortunately, the lag is down to only a few frames (my guess is around 2-4 frames). But it’s there on the old systems. With a VGA Box, we can play lag free Dreamcast games.

Versis is easily accessible through the max (Gresham Station is such a short walk from the place) and can be found behind Old Navy @ Gresham Station.

I should let everyone know that I am the General Manager and Chief of Operations at Versis.

I try not to pitch the place too much, but I honestly think it’s a great place to play games. New Gen fighting games for sure, where Ray and I like to sit up at the bar while we play on the 72" and the spectators can watch from either the lounge behind us or on the game station seats in front of us with volume/bass control.

People in the fighting game community should know that if one or two people in the group are having trouble with money, I do personally try to help out because I love having you guys over. I can’t do it for more than a couple of people, but I help when I can and you can ask me about it. That said, I think our prices are very affordable. To have an entire Thursday for $12 for yourself is a pretty good deal.

Would like to clarify prices:

-Normal Price: $4 an hour, measured by the half-hour ($2 for 30 minutes)
-Day Pass (Monday-Thursday): $11.99
-Day Pass (Friday, Saturday, Holidays): $17.99
-Happy Hour (Mon-Thurs 3pm-6pm): $3 per hour, food prices are lower too.
-Party Rate (Guarantees you will have a station or two held for you): $7.50 first two hours (effectively $3.75 per hour) and then each additional hour is $3.50 per person. If you go 3 hours, I recommend this–but if you go more than that, it’s a better option on weekends, since Weekend day passes are $18.

I might be able to make it tonight, depends on how i feel, i have to work at 7 am tomarrow.

I always work on thursdays till 11:00. So a no go.

just call when you get off work, depending on how many people we might still be open.

but then it’s an hour max ride. That does not compute.

perhaps ride’s could be taken care of >.>

I probably won’t be going tonight because it’s my first day off from work (Versis hehe) in a long while.

But I do want to build momentum for future nights :slight_smile:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays are good times. I wish you could make it on Thursdays, Ross.

The sooner the better too, since the day pass really is a great deal and we can end up having tons of matches.

I’m always down for private sessions if arranged ahead of time. I may even split the cost a bit. Feel free to call me at 503-887-8495. Weekdays preferred.

Also, if arranged ahead of time, I’m cool with supplying rides home if one or two people need a ride. Though I could be leaving very late, depending on if it happens during my shift or not.

If we arrange these nights ahead of time and schedules permit it, I’ll try to make my evening available on the night of a VF night.

Anyways, I’ll be putting effort into rallying more people for next week.

With a decent size group, we can do two giant screen setups.

I would propose the following rotation rules:
-2 out of 3 matches (matches are standard 3/5 rounds, 45 seconds)
-4 consecutive opponent limit (forced rotation of dominant players to keep matchups fresh)
-One queue for two stations, this would also mixup rotation.

With a large enough group, a third station is always available, but unfortunately, only the main two stations have USB port access. A PC will probably also be available for match vids, forum access, framedata access, etc…


This is to give you all a little bit of a heads up on the planning circut this thursday, i should like to see at least 5 of you guys here @ versis for there are some good games to be had!

i have rent to pay, otherwise, i’d be there.


This week is a no go for me since I’m going to Thailand this weekend (grandmother passed away).


many condolences nick.

have a safe trip, dood.

ray, dennis thanks for coming out it was pretty tyte we had a few good matches sorry i had to leave c.c;;

this thursday, so plan ahead, say, 8? i will call and text your bitch asses so be prepared =D

reminder, today is thursday, and i will be calling/txting you to play VF tonight and for those who’s numbers i do NOT have, which is unfortunate, i will make sure you get the txt i’d like to see more people in tonight because well… this scene seems like it’s declining which is also unfortunate BE DR is gonna be at evo so you all need practice! because you all sux =p