Versus 2006 (5-6 August) Results - Sweden's biggest tournament yet

The past weekend Sweden’s largest fighting game tournament yet was held. In total there was about 120 participants, of which 22 were international visitors, who played in 6 different games. There is an image gallery up for pictures from this event at The english evaluation/comments thread is at DVDs (or footage at least) will be available soon.


Street Fighter 3 Third Strike:

  1. Ryan Hart (Yun)
  2. Grahf (Ken)
  3. Schmull (Urien)
  4. Astax (Alex)

Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution:

  1. Ryan Hart (Akira)
  2. Chief Gutti (Wolf)
  3. Shmolz (Lion)
  4. Jide (Lion)

Guilty Gear XX Slash:

  1. Steph (Dizzy)
  2. Xzi (Jam)
  3. Cyrox (Venom)
  4. Elric (Chipp)

Soul Calibur 3:

  1. SMOTU (Astaroth, Xianghua)
  2. Xzi (Taki)
  3. Talon (Setsuka)
  4. Kvalsternacka (Hwang)

Tekken 5:

  1. Ryan Hart (Kazuya, Feng)
  2. Matt (Julia)
  3. Devil (Feng)
  4. Bob (Law, Ling, Heihachi)

Tekken Tag Tournament:

  1. Ryan Hart (Jin, Kazuya/Heihachi)
  2. Sakishiro (Jin, Kazuya)
  3. Maxi (Ogres)
  4. Pumping Iron (Kazuya, Lei)