VERSUS - EVO SOUTH AMERICA - Sao Paulo - Brazil - July 19 and 20 - 2008

DATES: 19th and 20th of July - 2008

PLACE: Espao Mart Center

ADDRESS: Rua Chico Pontes, 1500, Vila Guilherme, Sao Paulo SP (in the Animefriends event) - Brazil

GAMES: Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Super Smash Bros. Brawl

More info -


If you thought that Evo qualifiers in Europe were already too much, think again. The South American players have teamed up with EVO to run their premier event in Brazil.

VERSUS EVO SOUTH AMERICA will have many of the best players in the continent showing their skills and competing for the opportunity to play at this years Evolution World Finals in Las Vegas. Players from several South American countries have already confirmed their attendance, and the event promises to deliver an unforgettable experience and put South America definitely on the fighting game map for years to come.

As the largest open fighting game competition in the world, the Evo Championship Series has a tradition of been open to players of all countries. We believe that anybody should have the chance to step up and try your luck against the best in the world. And now were giving that chance to a broader array of players from around the world.

Take a look at for more information (in Portuguese). If you live in South America and dont speak Portuguese, send an e-mail to in either English or Spanish and the organizers will help you with all your needs.

Thank you all for reading, and a special thanks to the EVO staff for providing us with this opportunity.

yes… EVO South.
All Brazilian players showing yours power.
best players of Rio de Janeiro will be there.

Go go EVO south.

Let’s get hype! I’ll be bringing some oldschoolers with me!

Get ready to see the best Urien cosplay there!

Several Argentina vs Brazil Money matches will probably make things HOT! Bring it on, my southern neighbors!

Time to get hype! Time to get hype!

Brazilians do a great job, both with their gaming skills and organization as far as I’ve seen.
In fact, some of my best matches have been against you crazy Jiu-Jitsu breakin, Caprina drinking mofos! :woot:

Like that tournament that my buddy FortKnox threw. . . shit was smoooth as butter.
And just like Brazilians adopted Jiu-Jitsu from Japan and improved on it; :nunchuck: The Evo Sur America Community and players like Fort and Azis MEgaTOn Puncher! and other Sur America players will help evolve the way we play and interact.
We will all help each other grow in both skill, and community!

Mi novia es de Uruguay, ellos tambien tienen “scenes” pero nadie en el mundo lo sabe. Ahora con Sur America Evo, todo el mundo va a saber que Ud. saben peliar!

I wanna BIGUP to my South aMerican peeps in. . .
Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile,Uruguay ,Paraguay,Argentina, Bolivia, Guyana (YEAH!!! Guyana!!! I didnt forget you!!! Big up to Yasang!!!)
Suriname, French Guiana. . .Theres a French Guiana?! Yasang! You never told me! :amazed:

Hey!! Hey!!! List up! too!! VENEZUELA POWER!! LOL

This is just amazing finally well be in someones eye from others continents.

I hope that the next EVO SOUTH AMERICA put Ultimate Mortal KOmbat 3 on their list or at least Tekken Dark Resurrection which boths games are the most playable here in Venezuela (And many others country in SOuth America)…


hey quick question guys, you have any marvel footage on youtube i wouldnt mind seeing some matches if not are you gonna be recording them at the tourny?

i would love to see how down and dirty they get in mvc2 down there.:badboy:

Es Posible que en dos anos ya me voy…pero para ir por avion es muy caro! :sweat:

Good luck to everyone with this…I wish I could go…I know I’d have a blast…

Check out these vids then.

Carlos is Brazilian, he Played those matches in 2007 against Justin Wong on New York.
They’re all casual matches, but those matches have some really good stuff :woot:

just for note, Carlos is playing team scrub in all matches. enjoy:wgrin:

:u: Hey thanx man! :tup: make sure to record matches at the tourny!:wgrin:

the top 16 will be recorded for sure… And I think it’s likely that we record a lot of footage, just stay tuned :wgrin:

Some more Brazilian goodness:
That’s me (seilaoque) playing MSP:wonder:

Another match of me, in which my mags get raped by Jill hehehe
and the rematch
[media=youtube]kEIHPhJ1jOk[/media] :arazz:

some matches between Gabriel and Sleepers

and the already famous Shin’s Chun-li Combo Video (it’s insane!! whatch it!)
Just for note, he made all those combos by hand, without any programable pads :wgrin:

all this footage is quite old, and unfortunately I have no matches featuring Nil, Zeca or Franklin… those 3 are very good, I’d say they’re as good as Carlos from those first matches…


Hoping to see Shin or Carlos at evo this year? That would be to awesome.


They’re both confirmed to participate in Evo south america.
I was with Carlos today talking and doing some final tunnings so the event runs smoothly :wgrin:

If one of them wins it all, I’m sure they would gladly attend to evo world, but the competition is strong, there are a lot of players that can win our evo and the possibility to compete on evo world.

let’s just make sure everything goes right

Viva Venezuela tambien!! :woot: Disculpa hermano Latino! :china:

Bueno yo ire el proximo aooo 2009 haber como me va :smiley:

This weekend!


YIKES… :confused:

May Portuguese is terrible, but it looks as if the event is hosting more games than is in the top post. What other games are being run? I’m just curious what’s popular there. (I see Naruto, Guitar Hero III, and Pro Evolution Soccer being run as well if I’m not mistaken.)

Well… there were some games other than MvC2 and SSBB… but I think they were not entirely related to the VERSUS organization.

Well, I’ve seen:
*PES 98
*Guitar Hero 3
*KoF’98 Ultimate
*Soul Calibur 3
*Pump it up

here’s a video I just uploaded showing the location of the matches.


sorry, no match vids yet

Yeah, they had absolutely nothing to deal with EVO.

The Versus - EVO South America was held in the same building where another event was happening. Ouside there, there was like some nVidia stands, car tunning, pump it up and some anime things. So we had the EVO restricted area, but no power to take decisions over other areas. They (other organizers related to the stuffs running in the building) ran several mini-tournaments for these games.

All we could do was assure that no attention required by EVO should be focus switched to other areas.

The coolest thing is that we ended up by dragging the attention of others to the glory of EVO. This means that EVO got to be known by some anime lovers that never heard of it. So we brought some of the Naruto lovers from the land of darkness to the world of MVC2 marvelous light.

This means salvation for their souls.

And there was lots and lots of them interested in knowing more about the competition. We don’t have the numbers yet, but the spectators numbers will probably be fucking huge. We spreaded EVO word!

That’s nice to know!

will the results be posted soon? i wanna see some matches!