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Bonjour à tous et bienvenue pour ce premier numero de VERSUS FIGHTING TV.
Au programme un reportage sur le tournoi Bushido Impact International qui a eu lieu à Paris en Decembre 2010.
Retrouvez les interview du meilleur joueur Européen et meilleur joueur Taiwnais de Super Street Fighter IV !

Restez Branché car c’est tout de suite !!

Welcome to the first VERSUS FIGHTNG TV show.
We’ll talk about the Bushido Impact International, the tournament held in Paris on December 2010 and watch the interviews of the best European and Best Tawainese Super Street Fighter 4 players !

Stay front of your screen because this is right now !


Versus Fighting TV#2 feat. Sako, Mago & Tokido !!


Welcome to this new episode of Versus Fighting TV.
In today’s program, we take a look back on Beat By Contest, the hitbox’s 3 questions and to finish Will2pac’s report on the event.
So stay tuned because it’s happening now !


****[SIZE=3]VERSUS FIGHTING TV#3 feat. Bas & Gunter ITW w/Eng subtitles ****[/SIZE]


Welcome everybody to this new episode of Versus Fighting TV.
Today it’s a full Stunfest episode, with the results of the main tournaments, some exclusives interviews and the Hitbox featuring guests of quality !



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Translation: Joe Higashi/Shima Sunaoshi

Hello everyone, welcome to this 3rd Strike TV’s special episode !

In today’s program the exclusive MOV’s interview, the Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike arcade player, and the Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike Online Edition review !



Hello everyone, here i am again for a Versus Fighting TV dedicated to Daishi Odashima the producer of Soul Calibur 5 !!



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Hello everybody and welcome to this new episode of versus fighting tv, this episode is not like the others, this one will be only about the EVO 2011, held this past summer in Las Vegas.
In today’s program, we will interview some of the fighting game scene’s actors, we will talk with “hitbox” and the results of the event.



Hello everybody and welcome. Today in versus fighting tv we will be reviewing Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, we interview a guy in a beret, and the famous Hitbox section. But before we start, let’s give you a rundown of the event that you shouldn’t have missed !



Versus Fighting TV #8 feat. Street Fighter X Tekken Review & KOFXIII tournament

Hello bunch of guys, welcome to this 8th Versus Fighting TV, we’ll be reviewing Street Fighter X Tekken and the rundown of two events held the same weekend.


VERSUS FIGHTING TV #9 SkullGirls & Stunfest 2012 tournament



Fighting News Update - VERSUS FIGHTING TV #10

Hello everyone, today in Versus Fighting TV program the news feed from the past 4 weeks, the review of the mad catz fightstick pro and the rundown of past events.



VERSUS FIGHTING TV#11: BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma, Saint Seiya Omega, Under Night In-Birth …